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Ping. Ping. Ping. After each ping, a voice I know and love would announce themselves. A conference line connecting and uniting our kula [community] from across the country. Committing to courageously learning together, telling and living stories that are in us to share, celebrating the tales told by each other. Wow. GrateFULL. Friends, this has […]

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When your world has crumbled…

“When your world has literally crumbled around you, people need to know that their lives still matter. The one thing that brings peace and light to victims in a crisis situation is the love and support received from people all around the world. It is a warm embrace from a stranger, a hot meal, a […]

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Inspirational courage – Jhola film

I just watched Jhola, a Nepalese film at the Denver Women + Film Festival.  It was breathtaking!  The acting was impassioned and inspired, the story was beautifully told, and the audience was abuzz with conversation after the credits stopped rolling. One of my favorite pieces of this story is the hope, courage, and tenacity that the […]

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Join me – Berni’s Journey

So proud of and inspired by my dear friend, Berni Slowey & her film, Berni’s Journey – showing this Sunday, March 22, at noon in Denver. [Deets below.] I’m going – join me! :}  Click here to buy tickets. Showing: Sunday, March 22, 12:00 PM Running Time: 62 Minutes Theater: Sie FilmCenter – Denver, Colorado Thursday, March 19th at […]

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Crazy gratitude for our team as our journey ends

There is no way around it – this is an unbelievable gift and privilege to be working and adventuring with these three sisats…Wow. Vaun Swanson has been passionately engaged in this community collaboration in Nepal for many years. Everywhere we went, we heard stories of the ways in which she has compassionately, humbly, and extravagantly […]

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Seeds of Exchange focus & essence

C’mon in, take your coat off, grab a comfy seat and cozy or refreshing drink, exhale (maybe it’s been a long day! :), and make yourself at home. The focus right now is sharing the story of our journey to and work in Nepal [Feb 26-Mar 12, 2015].  We invite you to stretch your wings and […]

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“For you, special price!” [Seriously – check this out.]


Our dear friend Amy Brady, founder of StandUP, has offered our Seeds kula [community] a fantastic and generous deal for her spring programs [Winter Intensive March 23-25 or Spring Mornings starting April 7]. I would love to have you join me and promise a life-changing experience!  If you do, I am happy to take $75 off the […]