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Sarah Davison-Tracy

I would be greatly honored to join at your event, conference, or retreat as a speaker.

Igniting fierce love, connection, and justice so that people are fueled by an unstoppable commitment to the well-being of one another is my purpose and passion. I wholeheartedly believe that without the fuel of soul rest, discernment for our next steps, and regular rhythms Places of Pause (PoPs) in everyday life, making a difference is hard … or not happening in our lives. There are things for which we have each been destined that we just cannot do alone.

Step by step and arm in arm, I love guiding people to shift perspectives and patterns that have kept them from experiencing the profound joy of living with inspired vision, action, and interconnection. As we make our way, together, I’ll do all that I can to encourage your community to make mighty contributions, offer their gifts in response to some of the world’s greatest challenges, and do so fueled from within for the always-amazing journey!

With great joy and anticipation, -Sarah Davison-Tracy

Topics of Expertise and Passion

“Sarah is a gifted storyteller who exudes passion and personality. In an era of constant noise and distractions, her genuine tone and desire to connect is what distinguishes her from others and captivates an audience from start to finish. Her eyes, words, presence, and spirit all communicate a message of Love that seeps deep into the soul.”

Grant Knisely, film director and producer

“Sarah Davison-Tracy lights up every room she enters. Sarah was the guest speaker at a recent event I hosted, and her warmth and positive energy left us all a little more connected – to ourselves and each other. Sarah’s generosity, insight, authenticity and passion stirred a hunger in our hearts to ‘live ablaze,’ as she so courageously models.”

-Lisa Foster, founder of Parillume

“Sarah Davison-Tracy’s presentation at our conference was beautifully received. In my 13 years of leading this movement and having entertained dozens of presenters, this was the most polished, warm, and inspiring engagement we have ever had.”

-Gary Bradley, former director of Via Affirmativa

“Sarah is a heart-felt, engaging, and inspiring speaker who captivates her audience who her presence and energy. An impactful addition to any program or event.”

-Andrea Costantine, Founder of Community for the Soul | Podcast

“To have an evening with Sarah is to gain a friend, often for life. This is not hype, but absolutely true! She invests whenever she has the bandwidth and is able. If you have the opportunity to invite her to share her freshly framed message. I believe, from experience, that it could be a tremendous opportunity for those who engage with her.”

-Rochelle Raimão, film producer

“Sarah Davison-Tracy lights up a room! Sarah skillfully created a space for us—one of acceptance for where we are at presently and also inspiration to grow and become more. She set the tone for the year to come as a community of mamas and we are grateful for her leadership, words, and heart.”

-Carolyn Callis, MOPS International

“At this year’s Threads Gather Conference, we brought Sarah in to lead a session on her Places of Pause (POPS) for our community of social entrepreneurs. In a world that continues to spin faster and faster, it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chaos. As women specifically, we rarely stop long enough to recognize what we need at any given moment. Sarah reminds us that that it is imperative to take care of ourselves and teaches us the skills to do so even if we only have a few minutes a day. Sarah has the gift of making people feel relaxed immediately upon being in her presence whether there are hundreds of people in the room or if you are speaking with her one on one. She listens masterfully and shares generously. The women in the room (including me!!) loved their time with Sarah and shared the value they received immediately and then again during our post-conference survey. Sarah is a gift and we will work with her for as long as we possibly can!”

-Kara Valentine, Threads Worldwide