There are things for which we have each been destined that we cannot do alone.

If you’ve ever wondered how one person could possibly make a difference just by showing up exactly as they are – welcome to the Seeds kula collective! Listen for the trumpet call to rise, to leap, to be inspired from within and by our people to say YES! We promise, this community will light you up. You—we—will never be the same. Everyone has something of value to share with others—whether time, money, voice, or purpose.

Step by step, arm in arm, we are creating a well-worn path of inspired vision and action, making mighty contributions, and offering our gifts in response to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

In our community, you can rest, pause, take a breath, you can be. Be you.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, isolated, or fearful about the future … in need of some soulful direction for your next steps, take a PoP (Place of Pause) now. No matter what season of life you are in, these places of pausing, of pondering, of wise and inspired engagement offer potent fuel for your life … for you. And if you are rock solid and crystal clear about your purpose on the planet, your life’s why, and the who you are committed to serve, practicing PoPs will energize you … and bring you peace. Ahh.

Want to learn more and be inspired to be fueled by regular PoPs? Read this excerpt from Soulfully Ablaze. If you love it, keep going! There are 10 of these PoPs in Live Ablaze: And Light Up the World and 41 in Soulfully Ablaze: A 40-Day Journey to Light Up Your Life (And the World).

You belong here. We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL and light up the world, together.

Shout Outs

“So much of my story is being stirred. I’ve been resistant to engaging the painful parts of my story, but you are helping me to do it, for the first time ever. Thank you.”


“Seeds of Exchange reminded me that I have value. I want to share this with other people.”


“Seeds brings out the best in me and you help me see life differently.”


“I now know I’m not the only one out here with these desires to make a difference.”


“So many points have been echoing in my heart and mind today.  About waiting, about imperfection not being a hindrance, about locality of influence, about being true to who you’re created to be. All of that amongst the stories and the combating trafficking awareness and programs.”


“Seeds of Exchange is a fantastic way to spread the word about opportunities for people to make greater contributions to their communities and help solve world challenges.”


“It was incredible to see so many people coming together for such a powerful cause.  I’m glad I could make a small difference and learn even more about what I can continue to do in the future.”


Our Kula (Community)

You may be enslaved, trafficked, impoverished and hungry. We see you, sisters and brothers. The hard and hopeless in your life matters to us. You matter to us. We are with and for you. You belong here. You are not alone.

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Join us for quick, simple ways to be inspired and supported with purpose in your day-to-day. The invitation is to open to a world of possibility within your reach, and as big as your heart. Amaze yourself by dipping your toe in.

You are open and committed to making a difference, whether locally or globally. We are eager and excited to collaborate with, support, and expand your connections and vision however we can. Lets’s standTALL and light up the world, together.

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We see the impassioned and mighty contributions that you are making. To be sure, your dent in the world is indelible and inspiring. Let’s explore ways to combine our vision, resources, connections, and expertise … and powerfully channel them for measurable impact.

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Storyteller Collective

Connect with Us

Our community is full of incredibly diverse and amazing changemakers, storytellers, and artists. Contact us and we’ll help you to design the perfect to experience for your conference, retreat, or curriculum needs.

Topics of Expertise and Passion

  • Never Givin’ up Hope: Child Brides, Refugees, and Fierce Warriors of Love

  • Human Trafficking: Stories of Hope, Courage, and Community

  • Find Your Story in Theirs: Celebrating Differences and Experiencing Connection

  • Changemaking Artists and Activists: Experience Beauty and Voice Like Never Before

  • Global Sister-Brother Experience: Laugh with and Learn from these Powerful Friends

  • Ignited and Interconnected Global Human Family: Stories to Fuel a Difference-Making Life

“The vulnerability and willingness to openly share their experiences that the Seeds Storytellers brought with them in their presentation impacted our students and touched them deeply. Our students walked away from the short hour in amazement and filled with respect for the women they met and with an entirely different perspective on life.”

—Christina Vela, Diversity Director, Regis Jesuit High School

“If I can put a smile on one person’s face every day, then I count that day as a win. A lot of beauty can come of that.”

-Marley Hutchinson, during Seeds Storyteller Series