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Make a Difference

Everyday acts – such as shopping – can be acts of everyday philanthropy and difference-making.

Let’s declare that how and where we shop will be done with a commitment and connection to our sisters and brothers near and far. As more of us commit to such actions – to voice what matters to us with our dollars, with our time, and in our conversations – this change will be even more likely to have an impact. When we commit to BEing and DOing life together, we then become part of something big. It then becomes the stuff of movements, powerfully rooted in and growing out of the everyday.

Our founder, Sarah Davison-Tracy writes about this in her books, Live Ablaze and Soulfully Ablaze.

A few months ago, I visited a store on an errand to look for some shoes. Finding a pair I liked, I turned them over and discovered that they had been made in a country known for inhumane factories and labor practices.

I’ve been deeply drawn to learn about the realities of working conditions in factories around the world for some time now, and yet, there is still much I do not understand. Although it remains a confusing and complex area for me to navigate, the more I connect with stories of people—as the causes become personal and shift from issues to people—the more fierce I am to explore what my part can be…

My friend, this is not about shaming or guilting or piling one more burden on your shoulders. This is not about judging or affirming where you shop or talking about heady and oft’ privileged notions of philanthropy. Although you and I may not see where it all will lead, this is about sitting together, WHOLEheartedly open to learning how to infuse more intention into our lives and to more deeply connect with and love those around us.

Read more and take a PoP (Place of Pause) about shopping as an act of Everyday Philanthropy in this excerpt of Live Ablaze and Soulfully Ablaze.



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“Sometimes the small acts of love are the most important ones.”

-Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz, during Seeds Storyteller Series