Our Mission

We are a collective of everyday people lighting up the world so that a mighty difference can be made, together.

We do what we do because we believe that we belong to each other and that each and every person matters. We passionately work to make an indelible dent in global human rights and in one another’s day-to-day lives. We connect individuals, non-profits, government agencies, or businesses, in order to increase the ability of each to make a unique and significant impact. We are making a difference locally and globally, together, through building community, storytelling, and philanthropy. 

Everyone has something of value to share with others – whether time, money, voice, or purpose. If you’ve ever wondered how one person can make the world a bit brighter just by showing up exactly as they are – welcome! You belong here.

Our Manifesto

What we stand and standTALL for. What we believe in. Our standard of behavior. What you can expect from us.

We are a community of everyday changemakers committed to making an indelible dent in global human rights and your everyday life. When we say global, that includes you – exactly as you are. We firmly believe that how we treat ourselves while caring for others, is as important as the mountains we move for a sister, brother, or neighbor in need.

We are unshakable in our belief that we belong to each other and that together, we really do have influence to make a difference (join us and see how!). We are as bold and fierce as we are gentle and generous. We also know that standingTALL together is an act of courage, change, and so much more than enough.

We also want you to know: you matter. Inspired, broken, committed, lost, seeking… – the only thing needed to show up for anything Seeds, is you. If you’ve ever wondered how one person could possibly make a difference just by showing up exactly as they are — welcome! You belong here.

Our Values

We do not look the other way when the security and well-being of others in our human family are being challenged.

We fight for dignity, worth, and freedom for all. Whether you dream to be free for the first time in your life or simply want to get out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step, we stand up and standTALL with you.

This kind of love sustains fierce dreams. It also ignites action.

It’s strong and brave like you. It inspires us to take small steps and contemplate massive leaps that matter as much at home as abroad. It invites us to care and dare for one another, through shared story and collective experience. This kind of love fuels change.

When we’re together, we show up effortlessly for each other and the world.

The best things happen in community. We imagine bigger, stretch wider, and embrace folks we might have missed on our own. We open up to new ideas  and new landscapes for greater good. It cracks us open and connects us to something bigger than ourselves.

Soul rest and self-care matter to us. So does a lifetime of inspired action.

In the midst of the raw and real of everyday life, we practice places of pause – individually and collectively. We practice being still in contemplation to discern our next steps and leaps. Here, we find what we most need when life is tough and gentle, beautiful and messy, daring and vulnerable.

We actively reach out to others who are wildly and wonderfully different from us.

We cultivate connections and exchanges that change us … and the world. Whether in strategic partnership or sitting down to tea with someone whose ways are unfamiliar, connecting across cultures is foundational to Seeds.

Sarah Davison-Tracy

From Our Founder

My purpose on the planet is to ignite fierce love, connection, and justice so that the people of the world are fueled by an unstoppable commitment to the well-being of one another. I love my vocations as activist, author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange … and as a wife and mom. Having published two books, including Live Ablaze: And Light Up the World and Soulfully Ablaze: A 40-Day Journey to Light Up Your Life (And the World), I am delighted to be nearing the publication of my third book, No Longer Untouchable: Remarkable Stories from Survivors of Nepal’s and India’s Brutal Sex Trade. 

I believe I am on the planet to love. To love God and to love my sisters and brothers. To be love and to be loved. Unabashedly and unequivocally. Ahh. Yes! Let’s. Do. This. Together.

xo, -Sarah Davison-Tracy

“What binds us together is far more than what divides us.”

-Evans Kwesi Mensah, during Seeds Storyteller Series