Stories Change Us … and Our World

They quiet and teach us to sit, to listen, to speak, to be heard, and to be seen.

They invite us to comprehend and claim our own story anew as we take in the stories of others. They open doors within us to see possibilities for building community and connection, for creating simple and robust daily rhythms, and for cultivating meaningful work. The most powerful stories occur in the everydayness and nitty-gritty of life. Ultimately, stories change us and the world as they evoke more of who we are in thought, word, and action.

No matter where you are in the world, you can join us … or invite us to be a part of the amazing things you’re up to.

Have a look at the many ways you can participate in whatever way feels just right for you.


Dive into the award-winning and bestselling books by our founder, Sarah Davison-Tracy.


Find your story in the Seeds Storyteller Series.

The Seeds Storyteller Series connects you with EVERYday changemakers from around the world: activists, visionaries, artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, educators … (the list is long and the ways to make change are vast!). 

Whether you’re interested in being INFORMED about global happenings from amazing changemaking friends of mine, looking for some INSPIRATION in your life today, or eager to be IGNITED more in your unique ways to make a difference, join us! We’ve crafted each of these experiences – live, in-person, and replays – with you in mind, offering ideas for weaving inspired ACTion into your life, starting here and now.

Seeds Storyteller Series | Online

We created the online Seeds Storyteller Series, so you can join in on and be a part of live conversations with changemakers from around the globe. In case you missed one, listen to or watch the 30-45 minute replays … and make sure to join in LIVE for the next Seeds Storyteller Series. Get ready to be inspired and discover your next steps to standTALL and light up the world, together.


Seeds Storyteller Series | In-Person

Playlist of our in-person Seeds Storyteller Series events, held in Denver, Colorado. Each event has a full-event video and shorter clips of speakers’ and community voices. The arc of these stories is aglow with inspiration, hope, and great big love. We believe that you will find your story here and a bit more of what matters to you.

  • PLAYLIST Fatouma Ahmed, Sarah Jackson (Casa de Paz), Lisa Sharpe (Stylish Sparrow)
  • PLAYLIST Art as ACTivism with MiA (Restorative Theater) and Koffi Toudji
  • PLAYLIST Raise Your Voice with Jeremy Michael Vasquez
  • PLAYLIST Never Givin’ Up Hope with Fatouma Ahmed and Jeannette Claire Flynn


Quotables from our amazing Seeds Storytellers.

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Seeds Storyteller Series | Denver, Colorado

Seeds Storyteller Series - Sept '18

June 4 Denver Book Launch


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“Throughout my illness & recovery … the bumpy & unpredictable journey that a chronic condition creates, I’ve spent so much time at home. Often I come into my meditation room, my studio, my writing area, & I am immediately embraced, my nerves are quieted, & my soul knows: there is no place like home.”

-Becky Burns, during Seeds Storyteller Series