After each ping, a voice I know and love would announce themselves.

A conference line connecting and uniting our kula [community] from across the country.

Committing to courageously learning together,

telling and living stories that are in us to share,

celebrating the tales told by each other.



Friends, this has been a week of pings.

Pings of connection, deep invitations to step onto new paths in new ways.

There were many conversations and moments that impacted me this week – I’ll share three of them here.

1…The conference call of which I wrote above is for a course I’m taking with a circle of sistas, Storytelling for Change through Acumen.

We believe that storytelling is an essential tool for changing the way the world tackles poverty because it starts with changing the conversations around what we see, hear, feel and know to be true. Change leaders see the world’s potential, and tell powerful stories that inspire action. -Acumen

This course has brought together change leaders from across the world, from all sectors, with an array of visions, passions, and stories to tell. Yet amidst the diversity, there are deep threads of connection: love, hope, courage, commitment, and collaboration to be and do our unique gifted thing(s).

2…On Friday, I had the joy and honor of being at a workshop entitled: Redefining Facebook: How to Connect, Influence, and Be Inspired, created by the remarkable Susannah Campora and Meghann Contor.   The deep invitation and nudge I heard deep within me is this:

How I am with Facebook is how I am in all of life. Thus, Facebook – and all of life :} – can bring with it great opportunities for connection, growth, love, and joy.

I felt empowered and encouraged to become more clear on what is my big dream in life to do and be…and to bring THAT story and my whole self to Facebook, conversations, all of LIFE, and to invite my kula [y’all] to do the same.

3…I had a meeting yesterday with two fellas, Alan Ruth and Shane Schaap, founders of Chombox. Their mission: to build structures [using recycled shipping containers] that empower those living within marginalized communities around the globe. Yeah…amazing, aye? They said,

We won’t change the world, but we’ll enable those who will.

They are clear about their values, what is their big dream, and are a dynamic duo who are courageously committing to doing and being their thing in our world – and it’s powerFULL.

So, friends – does anything sparkle and spark inside of you as you catch a glimpse of these “pings”? A story that’s in you to tell, something about which you’ve been longing to learn more, a collaboration you want to foster? Be and do it. Share your story with us (via or on the comment tab of this post). We will be inspired and ignited by you.