You have, no doubt, heard of what is happening in India with the second wave of COVID bringing great suffering, sickness, and death to many. May our hearts break with compassion and may we ACT, with love, to do what we can, T O G E T H E R .

Would you join our friends in India, Lima and Malika, who are eager to reach out to 250 of their neighbors who are hungry and in need with 10-day food and health kits?

In May 2021, in order to provide these 10-day kits to 250 families in Lucknow, India, we are looking to raise $4,000. $1,000 has been given, so our goal is now $3,000.

**June 1, 2021 Update!!**

CELEBRATING the power and beauty of what happens when we commit to making a difference, T O G E T H E R ! In one of our fundraising partnerships in May, 2021, we partnered with Lima and Malika in India who shared with us their vision to reach out to their neighbors who are hungry and in need with 10-day food and health kits. What an honor to support their love and care of those in need!

We raised $2,060!

This 3-minute video is a HEARTFELT THANK YOU from Lima and Malika.


To date, they have distributed more than 130 kits and they will be able to serve 70 more families with the remaining funds we sent today. They’re trying to be creative and make the remaining funds go as far as possible, as there are so many families in need.

3 Ways to Donate


Venmo (@Sarah-DavisonTracy)

Mail a check (payable to Seeds of Exchange): 4326 Montview Blvd., Denver, Colorado, 80207

100% of the funds given will go towards the food and health kits and will be disbursed to YWAM Lucknow.


Many of these families are Muslims who just finished their 40-day fast of Ramadan. The food and health kits distributed yesterday made it possible for them to break their fast and celebrate the last day of Ramadan, “Eid” (see the pictures below).

Dear Sarah Didi, Today we started giving. There is a lockdown in the city and we need to follow a strict covid guidelines to do things. So we called them in to our home at this time to give and few places I went and gave in their houses. Tomorrow we will do again. -Lima and Malika | May 11, 2021

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“Hello my dear friend Sarah Didi [“sister”], Today I went along with one of my good friend and brother and distributed the food packages and health Kit’s to many with keeping all the covid 19 guidelines. Also I did many home delivery. So glad to see their joyful faces after receiving the packages. Great day.” -Lima Aklant | May 12, 2021

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“The local news channel wanted to telecast our work. I talked about why we are giving the provisions to people who are in need and how Seeds of Exchange has been a great help to support this cause.” -Lima, May 23

If you, like me, cannot speak Hindi, I hope you still enjoy and catch a glimpse of the JOY in our friend as he shares his community’s story on television. I LOVE how they are reaching out to their neighbors with love … and capturing the attention of their local news channel!


More is needed. Life is VERY hard for our sisters and brothers, the neighbors of our beloved friends, Lima and Malika.

May all who receive these little food and health kits tangibly feel our BIG love for them and be reminded that they are not alone.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️