A letter and pictures from our remarkable and dear friend, Udaya, in Nepal.  He has been distributing food and assessing needs of earthquake-impacted villages.

Dear friends, we are fine and doing well here and we greatly honor you and your love to us. Here I attached the some pictures of Danuwar Village which is situated on the southern part of Lalitpur. These are tribal people who hardly speak Nepali to communicate. I just imagined when I saw the houses are mostly look good from out side but from inside they all are cracked and hard to use.
iThis old lady sitting near by her tent asked me food. She said she lost her son, she has no one to help, she was just crying by saying,
I lost every thing.
Mostly women are not educated.  I could she the child marriage practice. In the picture of this little girl, she is carrying big bamboo basket and putting some grass for her cattle in it.  She is engaged for marriage – I heard that she is going to get marry in 6 months later. Therefore, now, she is practicing some work like this.
In my survey I felt that we can help them by providing some food stuff.  It was hard to get there. The van can not go because of land slide on the way, so I request them to come half the way, so we could distribute the supplies to them.
19In our supplies we are providing:
  • 30 Kg rice
  • 4kg Dal
  • 1Ltr. M oil
  • 1 Kg Salt for each family
-Udaya Bhatta

Dear friends, we understand that there are many great needs in your lives and in the world.  We ask you to  pause and consider if you feel beckoned to give funds for the continued relief work that our friends are doing on the ground in Nepal.  We love, respect and deeply trust each of these organizations.  Click here – give generously.

If we all give what we can – if only “a little” – there will be plenty.
If you want to give directly to Udaya’s work in Nepal, Please click here for a link to Platt Park Church, then select the box “choose account” under the heading “giving details” and scroll down to the bottom of the list of possible designations and click on “Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund”  – Important Note:  there is another designation, “Nepal”, which is for other projects.  100% of your tax-deductible funds will go to this project.