There is no way around it – this is an unbelievable gift and privilege to be working and adventuring with these three sisats…Wow.


Vaun Swanson has been passionately engaged in this community collaboration in Nepal for many years. Everywhere we went, we heard stories of the ways in which she has compassionately, humbly, and extravagantly loved this community in Nepal. It was a great honor to be invited to join her on this trip.

(Vaun, pictured here with our dear friends, mother-daughter dynamic powerhouse duo, Bhakti & Salome)

imageMary Shippy is deeply powerful, wise, and insightful. One of her many gifts is that of inviting people to greater alignment and wholehearted living. My goodness, did she ever grace our team and the people of Nepal with her greatness!

(Mary, pictured here with one of our incredible friends, partners, and translators, Bhawana.)

IMG_4936My girl, Sophia. And, she has blown us away with the humorous, lighthearted, flexible, relaxed ways of being a part of this journey. She has been a beautiful ambassador of hope – effortlessly building bridges of connection – that was a joy to watch.