I just watched Jhola, a Nepalese film at the Denver Women + Film Festival.  It was breathtaking!  The acting was impassioned and inspired, the story was beautifully told, and the audience was abuzz with conversation after the credits stopped rolling.

One of my favorite pieces of this story is the hope, courage, and tenacity that the two primary actresses embody in word and deed as they challenge the horrific practice of sati.  In sati, women would sometimes volunteer, but more often were forced, to burn on their husband’s cremation pyre after death.  Although illegal today, there is still much to be done…indeed, a great need for us to come together and support and join the continuing courageous efforts of our friends fighting for justice, dignity, and life.


May our community of Seeds of Exchange find ways to do our part in the lives of our dear sisters and brothers everywhere when we see life devalued and violated.   May we join together saying, “No More!”