This has been a season of saying yes and

doing more of what I sense is my work to do…

and less of what’s not.

This has given me ample opportunities to find folks

to help and partner with me on the [long] list

of what is outside of my arena of strengths & gifts.

‘Tis crazy how it has been both empowering and humbling…

this reality that I cannot do it all.

Yet, embracing it has brought great freedom, strength, alignment, and joy.

And, it’s led me to do more of what I loooove to do:

Jump in with excitement and connect with the folks on our collaborators page to help me do this work & share Seeds with you.

[A BIG shout out to Astrid, Lauren & Logan, & Holly…rockstars, all of you.]

seed wonder.  How might collaboration foster more of what you want to do in the world – big or small?

seed act.  Invite a friend over to cook dinner tonight.  Ask for help on a specific project that’s been looming.  Share with us or another what emerges for you in this wonder or act.