Inspired Action | 1.23.17

Be inspired, informed, + ignited | Human Trafficking Storytellers With you, we are igniting a global movement of purpose, connection, and dignity. Here's the

Inspired Action | 1.23.172019-07-29T13:16:12-06:00

What is a Seedsip?

A Seedsip is a quick inspiration & connection, a nudge to see a pic, read a quote or short story, that we

What is a Seedsip?2015-08-10T08:49:08-06:00

Thinning…& Bounty

This post has 4 parts.  The first originates in a Seeds of Exchange FaceBook & Instagram post from several weeks ago about needful

Thinning…& Bounty2019-10-03T13:34:27-06:00

It is time

I read this magnificent poem, to launch an afternoon of collaboration, circling 'round, ushering in a new season of work for a dear

It is time2015-05-26T08:24:15-06:00
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