A Seedsip is a quick inspiration & connection, a nudge to see a pic, read a quote or short story, that we hope will bring a spark of joy, love, beauty to your day.  It might shift your gaze – bring it in or expand it out.  Here are a few – enjoy the feast of our kula [community]! :}

In whatever ways these stories ignite you,

share with us.

With your permission,

we’ll weave your stories together

& post the tapestry on our story-blog in the days to come.


Forgiveness {with Diane, Immaculée, Glennon, & Jesus}

9 August, 2015.  This forgiveness theme is happening…a lot in the past 24 hours!

1 – At yoga on Saturday | Endorphin [our awesome neighborhood studio], with the rockin’ teacher, Diane Sieg, the theme was FORGIVENESS, connected to the story of Immaculée Ilibagiza, Rwandan genocide victim-turned-forgiveness advocate. [Denver peeps – click here for tix – she’s going to be here on September 18…I’m GOING – lemme know if you want to come!]

2 – Thanks to 2 friends, Jen & Lisa, I started a book yesterday and LOVE it. Glennon Doyle Melton’s Carry On, Warrior – the Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life – see her on FB Momastery -wow!, I read this:

My heart opened to the world’s beauty and brutality. I looked closely @ humanity and all of its brokenness and decided to forgive it and myself. Since brokenness is the way of folks, the only way to live peacefully is to forgive everyone constantly, including yourself.  -Glennon Doyle Melton

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3 – And, even MORE…have been holding close the Words of Jesus about forgiveness, praying for our enemies, & letting those who hurt us bring out the best, not the worst in us…and that best is often – always?? – LOVE. For me, it’s loving God, myself, and the other courageously, extravagantly, with abandon.

Well, friends – all for now. Sending YOU great LOVE this day…xoxoxoxo!


Susannah Campora | Real Life Book Club-2Susannah Campora | Real Life Book Club

6 August, 2015.  After realizing we couldn’t make the in-person meeting work, Susannah Campora & I talked via a vid conf call today.

Susannah is the founder & owner of Real Life Book Club [& on facebook], an amazing endeavor that is all about bringing people together to live this journey together, be brave & real, say YES to each other & themselves.

We are envisioning & strategizing ways to connect our kulas [communities :}] with each other….to invite you to be fully you & to be fully us, so we can all be & do our thangs in the world with joy, courage, & love. Ohhhhhhh, yeah.

In this amazing, vibrant, empowered global community, I am struck that we might be far away from one another geographically, but we are so much closer to one another than we have ever realized. -Susannah Campora

Lisa Sharpe | Stylish Sparrow

Lisa Sharpe | Stylish Sparrow

4 August, 2015.  Today, I met with my sista, Lisa Sharpe, founder & owner of Stylish Sparrow, a personal shopping experience offering accessible style & affordable fashion. {It’s very, very cool, peeps…check ’em out! :)}

Lisa, in her extraordinary spirit of love, collaboration, & generosity, is donating 10% of the sales of Stylish Sparrow from now until the end of the year to a group of Seeds of Exchange sistas in rural Nepal. We are honored & overjoyed to collaborate with these Nepali friends in a 9-month vocational sewing training program that will be completed in December.

Sooooo, now Stylish Sparrow will be a part of these Nepali sistas’ stories! [How cool is that??] In October, I am returning with a small team to be with this community, learn what they need most from us now, & explore phase 2 of this program in which we invite MORE women to become more equipped to thrive in their work. [We’ll keep ya posted, OK? :)] 

Xo, friends – so much love, hope, & celebration of YOU this day – being & doing YOUR amazing thang in life.


Be the Full You {with Amy Wright & Rob Bell}

4 August, 2015.  Tonight, I had the extraordinary gift of being at Rob Bell’s “Everything is Spiritual” tour in Denver.

I was inspired & learned much from Rob’s insightful talk – my favorite nugget he shared is this:

My sista, Amy Wright [photographer & author of Portrait of a Microloan], invited me.  Loved our convo about the journey, courage, love, BE.longing, BE.lovedness, creative projects, collaboration, saying YES to LIFE.

We need the full you, ‘cuz only when you are the full you can we be fully us. -Rob Bell

Friends, what speaks & calls to you … affirms in you this message about being FULLY YOU?  Share in the comments. Let’s weave this tapestry togetha. :}


Partnership & Joy {with my man, Bran}

3 August, 2015.  Last week, my man, Bran, joined a meeting of impassioned social justice sistas & brotha’s working
to combat human trafficking & slavery…from deep systemic roots to the rescuing of those held captive now:  Ryan Berg | The Aruna Project, Josh Duncan | Mountain Child, Grant Knisely | Code Red Films [Untouchable:  Children of God film], Chrysandra Brunson | The Calling, Rochelle Raimao | The Scarlet Cord, & Vaun Swanson | scholar, teacher, humanitarian.

During our meeting, Brandon shared that one of his loves is
to have his ears & eyes open to people who need to be heard,
& that he wants to be a megaphone, a mirror, an encouragement to those who need it. 

I was struck first that yes!, he does all of this with great grace & strength AND what a joy it is to be partnered with this man in life.

What a gift – partnership with him & others that continues to be enlarged & energized.

I am curious, is there an arena in your work, relationships, life that you have a longing for
partnership … collaboration … companionship? Or, a story sharing the celebration of a vibrant partnership?


Possibilities {Linda, Sarah, & Astrid}

24 July, 2015.  Today, I Skyped with my sistas Linda Tarlow & Sarah Antonson [Nosara, Costa Rica] of Surfing Nosara Foundation & with Astrid Koch [Chicago, USA].

We talked about collaborating on some projects with the community of Nosara,
cultivating dialogue & partnership,
& envisioning a future full of hope for this generation & those to come.

[Wow – such JOY to have soul friends with whom we can work!]
Stay tuned, friends! :}”]

What possibilities are igniting YOU these days – work, family, friendship, just YOU…anything!
Do share…our lives are enlarged by each other’s stories!


Luminous {Nilmini Hecox, Silkstone}

28 July, 2015.  Our extraordinary sista, Nilmini Hecox, shared the story last night (at Susannah Campora’s Real Life Social) of her new endeavor, Silkstone. Silkstone’s beckoning is this: live & lead luminously. She shared her journey – the struggles, the ease…the fear, the flow. She rocked it. She glowed. She invited US to live luminously – cuz that’s how she rolls.

Let’s do this, friends – be & do our thing in the world so that we GLOW, are LUMINOUS, & invite each other to do the same. Do one thing today that will make you glow just a bit brighter… :}

And, loves, share your luminous story with us [below – click the “comments” box]. :} xo, friends!

There is a collective glow that comes from leaders who thoughtfully & intuitively drive organization, collaborations & conversations for the greater good. These are the women who mentor, hold space for, & cheer on everyone else. Silkstone starts with one question: who’s lifting them? -Nilmini Hecox