Sarah Antonson, founder of Surfing Nosara Foundation, is a treasure bringing such joy, peace and love to her community of Nosara, Costa Rica.  Our family had the delight of meeting Sarah and her family a while back and I remember the moment I met her – I knew she was a friend for life, a soul sista.  {I can’t wait for YOU to meet her now, too.}

A few years ago, my Sophia and I were able to explore, serve, surf and fall ever-more-in-love with the people and place of Costa Rica on an adventure to Nosara with our be{loved} sista, Jennifer Davidson, founder of Jennifer Davidson Creative.  {Facebook page.}  Sarah opened doors for us to BE a part of the community:  We loved our time with the students Surfing Nosara Foundation supports and had dinner at the home of Odinier and Gaby in the house many of you helped to build.  {Amazing and thank YOU!}


A glimpse of a Skype call with Sarah a few weeks ago – notice the fleet of surfboards behind her. :} Pura Vida

And, for those looking for an unforgettable place to visit with your family and friends, volunteer and BE filled up {to the brim!}…consider heading to our Nosara. :}  Nosara is a Blue Zone, where people have been shown to live longer, be happier, and thrive.  For more information about all things Blue Zone, check out this link.


What fun it was to hop on a video call with member of Sarah’s team, Astrid Koch, Sarah and me (pictured above) to brainstorm about how best to rock their GoFundMe campaign for the upcoming January camp for the local kids in Nosara. Check it out and JOIN the giving, if it beckons.  They’re also looking for volunteers to support this summer camp which was built in response to the community’s request for their kids.

Give me a shout if you want to hear more about Sarah and Nosara.  I’d be overJOYed to share my stories and love of this place with you. :}  Pura Vida!