So proud of and inspired by my dear friend, Berni Slowey & her film, Berni’s Journey – showing this Sunday, March 22, at noon in Denver. [Deets below.] I’m going – join me! :}

Showing: Sunday, March 22, 12:00 PM

Running Time: 62 Minutes

Theater: Sie FilmCenter – Denver, Colorado

Thursday, March 19th at 6:15pm SOLD OUT. 2nd screening added Sunday, March 22nd, 12 noon. Director Bernadette Slowey in attendance!

What if you pursued your dream only to quickly have it become a nightmare, forcing you to question yourself and everything you believed? Berni had idealized the American Dream ever since her earliest memories as a child refugee evacuating Saigon during the final days of the Vietnam War; and then, a few years later, fleeing from her home in war-torn Iran. After settling in the U.S., dislocation and prejudice motivated Berni to find happiness by conforming to the ideals of society through achievement. But when her dreams of youth became a nightmare, the married mother left a toxic work environment and a successful 20-year career in the banking industry. Disillusioned by what she thought was the right path, Berni spiraled into an identity crisis.

Berni’s Journey is a portrait of a woman at a crossroads. Her journey begins with a soul-searching mission to turn her childhood passion for movies into a rewarding career. Without the security of a steady paycheck and incurred expenses on credit cards, Berni’s husband is less than thrilled but reluctantly concedes. As fate would have it, she is invited to join a contingency of North American speakers for a spirituality conference in India. Intending to get questions answered about difficult transitions, Berni planned to interview the speakers at the conference as well as during a pre-arranged group tour afterward. Hiring crew members she’s never met and leaving her family over the Christmas holiday, Berni defies logic in a down economy to film a documentary in a country she’s never stepped foot in. Her leap of faith seems destined, as pieces begin falling into place. However, after arriving in India, she quickly discovers that the conference isn’t what she envisioned, and the tour portion of the trip is cancelled without explanation. Having risked time and money on what now feels like an impulsive whim, Berni is on the verge of a meltdown. When the conference concludes and the spiritual leaders join the intimate film group to salvage their planned tour of India, the camera’s focus shifts. Berni’s unrelenting drive for perfection comes full circle in the moment when she confronts her biggest fear.

While capturing stunning images of the iconic landmarks and beautiful people of India, the film unexpectedly documents the career-driven professional turned filmmaker on a cinematic quest of self-discovery and transformation.


UPDATE: Check out Berni’s TEDx talk, “Stop running from your story”