What If

What if

Just for a moment

We stop

And allow ourselves to believe

That we are perfect

Not just enough

For that suggests a limitation in itself,


Unimaginably dazzling

Clothed in potential and possibility

Howling with joyous abandonment

For the richness of the landscape

That frames our life

Dancing every step

Whether winds are quiet or ferocious

Days turbulent or still

What if

Just for a moment

We choose

To say


-Delta Donohue

seed wonder.  To what do you feel invited to say yes [or no :)] to today?

seed act.  Stop for a moment today. Put the phone down.  Close the computer.  Take 5 breaths.  Notice what you feel.  Remember…

“You are beloved.  You are worthy.  You belong.”

xo, from the Seeds Team