We received these prayers, words of hope and blessing from our amazing Seeds kula {community} to share with Alisha, just days after her return home to Nepal after 21 years of being trafficked to and suffering atrocious abuse in the brothels of India.  If you have anything you’d like to add to these words of love, send them to me and I’ll joy{FULLY} pass them to our sista. :)  We all need each other, friends…let’s shower our sister, Alisha, with a flood of love right now.

For Alisha,

Today I light a candle so that you may know you are not alone.
May you know healing of mind, body and spirit.
May you feel your connection to women around the world
who offer prayers and blessings and the energy of belonging and wholeness.
May you know the comfort of your sisters’ arms and love,
May you find peace in the quiet moments
May you re-discover the inherent value of your very soul,
May you find the path through the brokenness to freedom.
May your suffering not be in vain, but be an awakening to the world
for the need for transformation and healing.
May you know your own strength, tap into your own courage
and live in hope for a better future!
We love you and honor you!  Namaste.

Dearest, beautiful Alisha,

My sister, you have strength beyond compare.  I can only imagine the fear you have been through and the strength it has taken to leave the brothel, as atrocious as it was.

I want you to know that you have people around the world that love and support you…..that believe in you simply for being who you are.  Your life is precious, and you are so worthy of love.  Just know, that through the difficult days that follow, you will heal….. minute by minute…. day by day.  We will be holding you in our hearts and keeping you in our prayers daily.



Will light a candle this evening when I return. It will be a part of my every day this week as I meditate and do yoga.

Dear Alisha,

Though we have not (yet) met I have just heard the good news from Sarah that you are now safely home with Hanna in Kathmandu.

I can not imagine what your world has been like before this moment, nor can I begin to understand your heart. I celebrate the courage it must have taken to say yes to coming home. I am half way across the world as I type these words and as the sun sets on our chilly Chicago city, thinking of you.

I hope to meet you some day, to give you a big hug in person and to share a cup of tea.

For today, this moment, I am sending gentle winds and quiet healing prayers for your recovery and this next chapter of your journey.

May the light surrounding you drive out the darkness and may your sister’s love heal your broken heart.

My messages to Alisha:

I am holding you in my heart…softly and gently…whispering love into your ear and beckoning peace to surround and envelop you. I am here and many are here thinking of you and loving you. May you find healing each day and find joy as your body and spirit mend. Love, love, love.

IMG_20151029_150052_editThese are a pair of my favorite earrings. They make a small jingle sound when they move.

I am putting them on now and will wear them today. Every time I hear them sweetly jingle I will say a prayer of healing and love for you.

So, every time I turn my head, to look at the sky or a beautiful tree, or smile at a friend today..and in the rhythm of my walk today I will be thinking of you, dear Alisha.

On my drive down to Pueblo this afternoon (cloudy, chilly Denver to sunny, beautiful Fall sunset in Colorado Springs and Pueblo) I had your photo propped near the dash/stereo panel…in the city, at stop lights, in traffic slowed to a crawl or stop I gazed into her eyes and thought of love, and sent it to you. Gently.  xo.

My dearest sweet Alisha, I pray that your body and mind will be healed after this terrible, unimaginable injustice done to you! So happy that you have returned to Kathmandu. Your new life will be filled with hope and joy! Namaste.

Welcome to a new life.

I cannot imagine what you are feeling right now, our journeys so far apart in geography and experience so vastly different–I cannot relate to your kind of pain.  But because we have our humanity in common, I know pain of different kinds.  All of them touched and restored by the love of friends, and of a personal Jesus.

Today, I weep for you.  The lament of all of your suffering wells up–so unjust, so all-encompassing.

I weep because you are about to taste freedom–so long forgotten.  And, I well up with hope, because I know that you can and will be healed, by the grace of much tender care and by the hands of Jesus.

I recall today the story of the woman in the Bible I’m sure you have heard about!  She saw Jesus in a crowd and reached out to him.  She was very ill, having bled for years.  Who knows?  Was her journey the same as yours?  This is the first time I’ve wondered what might have brought on her illness.  The Lord Jesus felt the power leave him when she reached for his garment and touched him!  He so lovingly healed her.

I pray this hope for you.  Dear Alisha–a sister.  My sister.  I rejoice with you and will hold and hope for you in these years to come.  Shalom [Peace].

Alisha,  I’m so glad that you have been able to return home to the love of your family. My prayers for that you are that you heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

Dear Sister, the One who made you and knows you, also loves you deeply. There is a daily invitation of grace: “I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. I have called you by name, and you are precious to me.”

I am praying that the healing balm of Jesus’ love will be pouring over her today and each day forward. Praise god that she was released. Heal her body and soul, Lord.

Dearest Alisha,

We, your sisters and brothers in America + around the world, are with you.

I have been praying that you will hear the song that God is singing over and within you.  A song of healing, justice, hope, possibility, love, rest, restoration.

You are safe now, with your sisters and brothers, under the protection of the wings of the One who loves and calls you by name.
“His huge outstretched arms protect you – under them you’re perfectly safe;
his arms fend off all harm.
Fear nothing – not the wild wolves in the night,
Not flying arrows in the day.
…Evil can’t get close to you, harm can’t get through the door.
He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go.
‘If you hold onto me for dear life,’ says God,
‘I’ll get you out of any trouble,
I’ll give you the best of care if you only get to know and trust me.
Call me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times.’”  -Psalm 91


To learn more, click here for a link to the film trailer of Untouchable: Children of God, which tells the power{FULL} story of some of Alisha’s sisters in Nepal.