We were recently connected with Grant Knisely, a genius director & producer of the critically-acclaimed film, Untouchable:  Children of God. Grant has a visionary and passionate commitment to his work – he has risked his life to tell these stories…and he does so most powerfully.  We will likely be spending time with some of the Badi women in Nepal – what an honor, indeed.

And, an important note. This is an extremely difficult reality, friends. We have a dear and remarkable sister who expressed she couldn’t get through the trailer, as the stories she saw filled her with such pain. We understand that we are all [beautifully] different in our gifts, passions, and purposes in life.  So, if this is a matter that captures your heart and attention, we invite you to dig deeper – if it’s too much, we invite you to keep exploring other opportunities that call to you. Together, there will be plenty.

Synopsis of the film:

In the brothels of India, young girls perish every day. At least 10,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal to the brothels of India each year. A mere 1% of these sex slaves ever escape or get rescued. UNTOUCHABLE: CHILDREN OF GOD, explores the stories of the people most vulnerable to human trafficking, the “Untouchables” of society, specifically the Badi people of Nepal and the Dalits of India.

The red light areas of India are dangerous, lawless places ruled by mafia and gangs. Despite these seemingly insurmountable odds, there are a growing number of abolitionists and social advocates taking action to help end this brutal form of modern day slavery.

Featuring rare footage from inside the brothels of India and exclusive interviews with survivors and those serving on the front lines, UNTOUCHABLE: CHILDREN OF GOD highlights stories of hope and the heroes risking their lives to rescue and protect these forgotten angels. Look into the eyes of young survivors as they share their stories and you will be touched by the untouchables.

Photo by Frantisek Duris