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Crossing the threshold + saying YES

It is my humble and wholehearted hope that you will discover more of your story as you read mine. This is an intimate tale of courage, a circuitous journey, belonging, deepening trust, and saying yes.   For much of my life, stories of women and their families around the world, particularly those who are vulnerable and […]

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Three “acts”

These are 3 pieces I have written over the past year and woven into what I’m calling 3 acts – sharing a glimpse of the deeper story of my journey this past season.  You’ll notice a few rather consistent themes…they have brought be to LIFE with more compassionate purpose, courage and meaning than ever before! […]

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Crazy gratitude for our team as our journey ends

There is no way around it – this is an unbelievable gift and privilege to be working and adventuring with these three sisats…Wow. Vaun Swanson has been passionately engaged in this community collaboration in Nepal for many years. Everywhere we went, we heard stories of the ways in which she has compassionately, humbly, and extravagantly […]