[I initially wrote this on April 17, just 9 days before the earthquake struck Nepal. I share it now, as it is my longing that parts of my story will connect you more deeply to your gifts and purpose, to each other, and to our brothers and sisters in Nepal.]

OK, OK – so, what about our journey to Nepal? Here are some vignettes, some highlights and gifts.

We were deeply inspired by the courage, vision, and intelligence of our 400 sisters during the Tikapur Women’s Conference. We launched a much-asked-for women’s business training program. Every woman signed up for and will receive a washable feminine hygiene kit to use during their monthly menstrual cycles. (This is something many of us take for granted, but it is no small thing, friends. Research has shown that when they have these kits, women are more financial stable and girls are able to stay in school – very, very cool!)

We sang & danced together, shared meals, tea, & stories, and encouraged one another to be brave, free, and loved.

We spent time in two children’s homes, gave out friendship bracelets and notes signed by my Sophia and Micah’s classmates, played games, sang songs, danced, We planted mango, lime, lychee trees in honor and celebration of Papa Doug, a dear friend in Denver who passed away just days before we left.

We explored and adventured in Kathmandu’s extraordinary temples, spent time with powerful brothers and sisters passionately committed to being agents of transformation, love, and hope.

In Pokhara, we watched a sunrise unspeakably stunning in beauty over the Himalayas, while sipping steaming cups of chai, languages from all over the world buzzing in our ears.

I had the gift of being sick [“what/why…gift??”, you might ask?] – the whole time we were traveling, in fact. Every day, I was faced with weakness and limitations that challenged my expectations and brought me to a deep sense of trust, hope, and reliance upon God – my Source for Life, Love, and Light. Not comfortable, to be sure. But, my gaze was set and line of life’s purpose tightened in ways that permeate my days, now – nearly two months after our return.

Now, friends, I invite you to bring it in.

Bring. It. In. To. You.

Otherwise, why take the time to read about my journey halfway around the world?

It’s just words, adding to the noise and clamor of life.

But, if you can join us on this treasure hunt, finding connections to YOU…to your life?? :) Oh, that will change things, will change you.

So, dear friends, I welcome you to consider:

Are there things beckoning your attention to be and do more of in this life?

Is there a need to create pockets of time here and there to listen and respond to some of the deeper callings of your life?

Because, one thing that has been ignited in me is a deep and powerful sense that we are each here with a gift and purpose no one but us can be and do.

There is more – so much more to share.  But, before another day passes, I will share this, hoping that it brings some life, love, peace, and joy your way.