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Biz folks of Pokhara

Loved crossing paths with each of these folks, while exploring, shopping, and adventuring in Pokhara. 3 generations – a student, shopkeeper, and tailor. Halil, father of one-year-old Sofa (pictured below – proudly sharing Sofa’s beauty with us via his cell) and selling stunning pashminas. 2 hospitable, kind, smiling sistas at the front desk of our […]

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Nepal – goodbye, for now

This morning, back in Kathmandu for a few hours before heading home, we picked up our baggage under the watchful eyes of monkeys hanging out on bamboo scaffolding and then headed over to a nearby hotel for one last goodbye to our dear friends & partners in this journey, Udaya & Bhakti. They generously loaded […]

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Phewa Lake [Pokhara]

Beauty. Such beauty. Am in love with Phewa Lake of Pokhara… with the foothills of the Himalayas gently rising up from its banks, fisherman hard at work, children splashing in the water, buffalo bathing, music floating over the lapping waves.

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Tibetan Refugee Camp – Pokhara

Since 1962, this camp has been a temporary home for Tibetan refugees. We had the honor and joy of meeting a handful of artisan sistas and were inspired and moved by their banter and laughter as they worked together, crafting stunning pieces.

We are in Pokhara! image
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We are in Pokhara!

We just landed in Pokhara, nestled along Phewa Lake in the foothills of the spectacular Himalayas. This fellow, Yubraj, picked us up and has been a charming and kind driver. We love it already.  What a gift!

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Lunch at Udaya’s family farm

This afternoon, we were honored to visit and have a delicious lunch the family farm of Udaya, one of our Nepalese friends today. Walking down the path to get to his home and sitting on their second floor porch as they told stories about their lives was something we will never forget. They grow much of […]