Loved crossing paths with each of these folks, while exploring, shopping, and adventuring in Pokhara.


3 generations – a student, shopkeeper, and tailor.


Halil, father of one-year-old Sofa (pictured below – proudly sharing Sofa’s beauty with us via his cell) and selling stunning pashminas.


IMG_5897 2 hospitable, kind, smiling sistas at the front desk of our hotel.


A shopkeeper at the World Peace Stupa – she loved hearing stories about life America.



This businessman walked all over Pokhara, his wares strapped to his bike.  And, flashed this beautiful smile for the pic. :}

IMG_5630This love is a shopkeeper at a sunrise market in Pokhara – intelligent, savvy, and hilarious.

“What price would make you happy?

I’m happy and I want you happy.

If you buy here, then we are happy.

Let’s all be happy.”

[We happily bought several yak wool blankets from her. :}]

IMG_5619 Weaver with loom set up in a sunrise shop in Pokhara.

Love her smile, spirit, warmth.


Colorful Nepali currency.