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These girls can DANCE!

We brought dance music to Daya Girls Home, but the girls proposed a far better idea. They began singing at the top of their lungs while they took turns dancing – love these little ones.

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Daya Girls Home

Oh, now this was a fun afternoon … singing, playing, creating, and dancing with girls at the Daya Girls Home.   Each one of these loves would be in great trouble without this home of hope, safety, and love.  My, these girls are melting our hearts with their bright smiles and joy!

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Women’s sewing training program – launched today

Hours after the conference wrapped up today, we spent the evening talking about the launch of the Tikapur women’s sewing training program with a group of extraordinary community leaders. After a delicious dinner of rice, dal, buffalo curry, fried fish, and naan, three women and two men from the community were elected by their peers. […]

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Superstar Sophia!

We have been celebrating Sophia as an integral part of this team…knew that she was coming as photographer, blogger, and traveler…but superstar?? We were unprepared for the celebrity, rock star status that she would hold. She had hundreds of pictures taken of her during the course of the conference. So, next time you see her, […]

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Child Bride!

Have you ever heard the words Child Bride before? In Nepal some people get married when they are 9 or 10 years old! One of our friend’s Momma in Nepal got married when she was 9 years old. Now she is 78 years old. (And this is her picture above, also tomorrow we are going to […]

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Women’s business development

Jayanti and Bhakti have started producing washable sanitary pads. Research has shown that access to sanitary products has resulted in higher income and job stability for women and academic completion and success for girls. When at the conference, they offered a free set to all attendees, over 300 women clamored to sign up.  Yet another inspirational and […]

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Heart [love] art project

Love, belovedness, value, worthiness, dignity, empowerment, voice, stories, and belonging are a few of the threads weaving the tapestry of this conference together. Today, we did an art project, envisioned by team member Mary Shippy.  Hundreds of hands within and around this heart.  Each woman’s hand painted and pressed into the art.  Reminding that there is […]

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Dancing…twirling, swaying, celebrating this circle of sistas

After our deeply inspirational – :} – Cupid Shuffle dance, we put on some Nepali music and my, can these sisters dance.  Having learned a few chapters of the struggle and courage of these women, it made their twirling saris, wholehearted laughter, and deep joy quite breathtaking. Tikapur, Nepal – 3-5 March, 2015 – “I […]