About Sophia Davison-Tracy

My name is Sophia Davison-Tracy. I am 10 years old and in 4th grade. I love many creative things such as music, art, acting, photography, writing...and I am an animal lover (especially my puppy Maize!). Some things I love to do are…skiing, surfing, making friends, reading, skateboarding, and cooking. And I am going to Nepal!

Child Bride!

Have you ever heard the words Child Bride before? In Nepal some people get married when they are 9 or 10 years old!

Child Bride!2015-03-06T07:31:23-07:00

We are in Nepal!

We landed in Nepal this morning and it is wonderful to see, hear, and speak! Our last plane ride was 1 hour

We are in Nepal!2015-03-03T06:46:42-07:00


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