I am heading back to Nepal May 2-18, 2016.

Come with me {virtually :}…
See yourself with new eyes.
See the world with new eyes.

We believe that through loving and listening to each

other, we find purpose, hope, peace, love and belonging.

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map of trip

The “Why” of this trip

To collaborate, connect and create
with our friends and partners in Nepal
with YOU.

{more deets below}

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Follow the journey, step by step, with this interactive map – we’ll plot our journey as we go, adding pictures and stories.

On our social media channels, wifi-permitting, we’ll be sharing a Seed Snapshot of the day. Below are a few from our time in Nepal in February, 2015

The “Why” of this journey {Create, Collaborate and Connect}

{1}  I have been invited to explore writing a book with and about a BE{loved} community Nepal.

Capturing my heart right now is a community,
a caste – called the “Badi” – the “Untouchables of the Untouchables” – in Nepal.
Until this generation, Badi girls have 1 choice for life
when they are born: enforced prostitution – sexual slavery.

These women have become my BE{loved} friends
and part of our Seeds kula {community}.
A growing number of Badi in this generation are free
for the first time in many, many years.
Free from sexual trafficking, slavery and poverty.
Many are now free – to be educated, to have dreams and hope for the future.

Here are some stories of our connections with and LOVE of these Nepali sisters and brothers, check out these previous stories {starting with most current}:

{2}  We are ecstatic to connect with old friends and with some new ones while in Nepal.  
We will explore possible collaborations with organizations doing anti-trafficking work, supporting the flourishing of women, girls and community in all kinds of beautyFULL ways.

{3}  We plan to share these stories, the journey, the connections on social media channels + on our blog with YOU.

We have seen over and over that we find our own stories and say yes to life as we see, listen, love and take in the stories of one another.

We invite you to share the ways in which you are inspired, transformed and enCOURAGEd by one another.  Comment below and find us on our social media channels {instagram and facebook}.

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