There are great injustices in the world.
There is a cry rising in me.
It is NOT right that anyone be held as a slave EVER.
And, yet – it’s happening, in our city and around the world – by the millions.
I do not want to – will not – sit by and look the other way.

Together, let’s raise our voices, and declare NO MORE.


Hanna {in blue cap} + Pabitra | Denver | October, 2015

Remember Hanna, our ever-smiling, wise, courageous, intelligent, compassionate and beauty{FULL} sista who stayed with us last month with her friends from Nepal?  Her elder sister, Alisha, was rescued last week after 21 years of slavery in a brothel in New Delhi, India.  Today, she is reunited with her five children and living in a safe house in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Alisha {meaning: protected by God} is free.

Come, friends, let’s wade into the pain of our brothers and sisters…of each other,
cry when another cries,
laugh when they laugh,
hold hope and pray for healing when there is brokenness,
be and do in ways that ease each other’s burdens.

This rescue has a story connected to a day during our BE{loved} friends’ visit last month. During one of the chai + prayer mornings at our house {amazing gatherings – my goodness!}, we shared our hopes, dreams and laments with each other. During this time, Hanna shared that her sister, Alisha, has been in a brothel in New Delhi for 21 years.

Hanna invited us, with her, to ask for a miracle.  We prayed and many have continued to hold this request close to their hearts. Last week, friends, it happened.  Alisha returned to Kathmandu, to the safe house, home with our Hanna and her children.


Alisha’s arrival to the safe house | Kathmandu, Nepal

Today, I received a note from Raju Sundas, our dear brother who has been working for Alisha’s rescue as part of his Nepali organization, the Lighthouse Foundation.

Alisha was sold to a brothel when she was 11 years old and she has been living in this horrendous lifestyle for 21 years.  She is now 32 years old.  During that time, she gave birth to four children.  All of her children have been staying at our hostel in Kathmandu for the last five years and her daughters have prayed for her rescue every day.

When she arrived at the hostel, her children children have been sleeping with her every night.

Even while sleeping, my children are hugging and kissing me the whole night. -Alisha

A few days after her return to Nepal, Alisha went to the hospital, as she has been critically ill for years. The medical tests came back with good news that she is HIV-negative, but she is in great pain of body, mind and spirit.


Pabitra, Hanna, Hakan + Ruth | Denver, CO | October, 2015

The remarkable Håkan Gabrielsson, founder of Out of Ashes, stayed with us last month. He loves these young women and has spent much of his life working towards the prevention, rescue and restoration of those who have been trafficked and he shares this:

“How can we understand her trauma and pain? It is inconceivable to me that one can treat human beings like Alisha and so many other girls and women are treated in the rape and sex-slavery in India and elsewhere.

To come to the girls’ homes with all the children and all the intensity is hard for her. She is very fragile and sensitive, both physically and mentally. Lots of love, care, patience and counseling is needed. It will not be easy but with the help of Lighthouse’s loving and caring staff, God can do miracles. Pray that she will be enveloped by the love of God every day and that she will experience tangible healing and restoration.”

shopping for clothes

Hanna + Alisha shopping for clothes last week | Kathmandu, Nepal

FullSizeRender - Version 2

Alisha + her 4 daughters – reunited last week | Kathmandu, Nepal


Alisha, cooking vegetables for the children in the safe house last week | Kathmandu, Nepal

Now, her new journey begins. The happenings of these past 21 years of life in the brothels are unimaginable.  There is a great need for deep healing of the brokenness of the injustice of these years.  We hold a vision and are praying for her future and hope…she is not alone.

Click here to see some powerful prayers, words of hope and blessings we received and shared with Alisha from our amazing Seeds kula {community}.  If you have anything you’d like to add to these words of love, send them to me and I’ll joy{FULLY} pass them to our sista. :)

Friends, would you take a bit of time today and consider how you might be invited to support our sister’s journey?  A few ideas {but if you have another, please do share :)}:

…send a note of blessing, prayer, hope to our Alisha.  {Click on the comment box of the post or email me and I’ll forward it to her.}

…if you want to give to support her medical costs and continued love and care, send a check to Seeds of Exchange | 4326 Montview Blvd – Denver, CO – 80207  {Seeds of Exchange is not yet a 501c3 – email us and we will send you a link to a 501c3 partner for your tax-exempt donation}.  100% of your funds will be shared with and go towards the care of our sister.

Last week, I received an email that Raju’s organization is in the midst of another rescue operation for 7 more girls and young women.  We will keep you posted on these treasured ones, too.  Would you keep them close to your heart, in your prayers, meditations, on walks and as you go about life.  May we have the courage to open our hearts in love and commitment to these dear ones.  May we be changed.

And dear friends, some of us are in great pain of our own this day.
We are not meant to carry these laments by ourselves.
If there are any ways YOU need some love, prayer, healing
send us an email and we’ll hold YOU close to our heart and in our prayers.