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Practice Ebbing This Summer

Listen. Do you hear it? Glorious stillness. The wind in the trees, the sound of your neighbors greeting the day. Thump-thump…thump-thump. I almost forgot the sound of my own beat. Yes, it’s so easy to lose the thread of what ignites our soul, thinking, There’s not enough time… later, later. To some, slowing down is seen as […]

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Blessings + Prayers for Alisha | Nepal

We received these prayers, words of hope and blessing from our amazing Seeds kula {community} to share with Alisha, just days after her return home to Nepal after 21 years of being trafficked to and suffering atrocious abuse in the brothels of India.  If you have anything you’d like to add to these words of love, send them to me […]

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Three “acts”

These are 3 pieces I have written over the past year and woven into what I’m calling 3 acts – sharing a glimpse of the deeper story of my journey this past season.  You’ll notice a few rather consistent themes…they have brought be to LIFE with more compassionate purpose, courage and meaning than ever before! […]