ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, I’ll be en route to Nepal for our No Longer Untouchable book launch. Short ‘n sweet deets about my trip, along with 2 amazing stories (listen to one and watch the other!) are below. There’ll be MORE stories comin’ your way, wifi-permitting from Nepal over the coming weeks!

Feb 24 | arrive in Kathmandu, meet with friends and prepare for book launch
Feb 25-26 | celebration and gathering with our book’s 5 heroic storytellers (=chai, conversation, prayer, dancing!)
Feb 27-March 1 | more gathering with friends and book launch prep
March 2 | Seeds of Exchange Global Gathering of Change-Makers to share stories, foster connections, and enjoy feasting and friendship. Share with any friends of yours in Kathmandu! Deets
March 3 | more meetings and book launch prep
March 4 | No Longer Untouchable Book Launch (We’ve invited the President and Prime Minister!)
March 5 | celebration continues – more meetings with friends
March 6-10 | travel to the far west of Nepal for a surprise (I’ll tell ya later ’bout THIS!), book launch celebrations with our Badi friends, and Vivoblu Water Filter distribution
March 11 | head back to the US

Highlight: My dad – Pat Tracy – will be joining me! In Nepali, “dad” is “buba” … I cannot wait to introduce my buba to friends in Nepal and share this experience with him!

IN CASE you missed this livestream, WATCH the replay right HERE.

… LEARN about human trafficking and what is happening among the Badi community in Nepal,
… BE INSPIRED to make a difference locally and globally, and
… CONNECT with each other through stories of hope.



LISTEN to this podcast

Hosted by our dear friends at The Exodus Road, this podcast with Devisara Hannah Badi and me is just 34-minutes long.

I have a hunch you’ll find it deeply INFORMATIVE, INSPIRATIONAL, and IMPORTANT.

LISTEN on your next drive or walk!
Transcript, if helpful.



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xo, -Sarah DT & the Seeds Team ❤️🙏🏻🌏