DRUMROLL …  I’m so excited to share with you the story CNN produced during an interview last month with Hannah and me while I was in Nepal! I found out today that it has been running on CNN International for a little more than a week (where it will continue to run for 6 months), and it will be available online for 10 years. (I’m told it has been running during commercial breaks on Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper 360 this week!)



I WISH y’all could’ve heard MORE of our interview – especially Hannah’s story, which she always tells with so much passion and strength – because our interview ran for more than an hour! SO MUCH TO SHARE … which is, I suppose, why we needed to write this book.

For those of you who didn’t hear about this amazing opportunity, Hannah Badi and I did the interview with Leif Coorlim, a journalist with the CNN Freedom Project, while we were together in Nepal last month for our book launch, which included the honor of presenting our book to the President of Nepal on national television!

It has all been most extraordinary … beyond what we ever dared to dream up or ask for – and we are grateFULL. May THIS story on CNN help propel the story and truth about human trafficking, heroism, and hope ’round the world!

Our book’s five storytellers are SO BRAVE and they inspire me to my core … I know this is true for SO MANY of you! I hope and pray that the WORLD responds to their truth-telling voices with actions small and large that will ignite justice, hope, and love locally and globally.



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You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL, together, and light up the world!

Sarah Davison-Tracy

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THANK YOU to Lisa McAlister (our Seeds of Exchange public relations sistah), founder of With Good Cause, who connected us with the CNN journalist, Leif Coorlim, who crafted this story!