A blessing of hope, love, trust, and rest

To all of those for whom this holiday is hard …
who are worn out, discouraged, or overwhelmed …
whose plans have had to change (once – or over and over and over) …
whose hopes have been deferred – or dashed …
annnnd, to those who are happy and well,
whose dreams are coming true right here and now,
a blessing from my heart to yours.

May you find in the brutiful (brutal-beautiful) of today,
in these last days of this wild year,
what you most need.

May your deepest longings be filled,
your greatest hopes be met.

May green tendrils grow up and out of the soil
of whatever is goin’ on this day,
and nourish you with what you most need right now.

A tendril of unswerving HOPE –
tender, yet mighty,
strong enough to not be stunted by struggle.

A tendril of extravagant LOVE –
crooning what your soul
most needs to hear this day.

A tendril of steady TRUST –
that believes that light will come,
no matter how dark or dire the day.

A tendril of REST –
so you can relax, soften, and simply BE.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL, together, and light up the world.

xo, -SDT ❤️🙏🏻🌏

P.S. Below, a few more goodies to share:
… Wise words about about REST from our friends at Casa de Paz and
… a song of PEACE in the wild of the season.

Words about REST … from our friends at Casa de Paz. Founded by our soul sistah, Sarah Jackson, these folks are unswerving in hope and extravagant in love.

It’s hard to rest sometimes. And we all need to rest in order to survive.

Finding it hard to rest? Us, too!

Join us and soak in some sweet reggae and let the phrase “For yonder breaks a new and glorious morning” truly sink in.

Let’s listen to Alicia Keys and sing this love song… to ourselves, to Casa de Paz, to our friends and families.

We can hear the wise words of Adele and take it easy on ourselves.

Enjoy the rest.
It is our birthright to rest.
We will rest with you.
We love you.

More goodness & full story HERE

Casa de Paz (House of Peace) offers peace in the midst of chaos. Based in Denver, Colorado, they welcome guests and out-of-town families to their home, creating a space for families to be together. They believe in the inherent worth, dignity, and respect of all human beings. (LOVE them!)

A song of PEACE … whether you celebrate Christmas or another December holiday, I hope these words and music, Peace to Your Christmastime, by Dave and Tara Powers enCOURAGE and speak to your heart.

In the wild of this season
Walking through the wilderness
In the cold and dark December night
We just keep on going
On this road that is beneath us
Through the ups and through the downs

Peace, peace, peace for your Christmastime
Grace for your family and hope in your heart
Peace, peace, peace for your Christmastime
Joy for your family and love in your home

In the middle of our fears
We don’t know who we can trust
Full of courage, Looking to the stars
What happens next, we still don’t know
But we feel pregnant with this hope
That we’ll find the place where peace is born

So much anxiety and fear
Where can we go to find rest?
Snow is falling all around
Looking for some covered ground
So many questions that remain
But deep down what we need is peace