Expansive Words for TODAY

Today, I invite you to take a Place of Pause (PoP) around “Diminishing Messaging”. Let’s begin with an excerpt from Soulfully Ablaze:

Expansive Words for TODAY2021-01-27T14:11:52-07:00

COVID “Long-Hauler” Resource

Articles, Podcasts, Research, Social Media Groups, Infographics, & Books to inform, connect, and encourage those who are experiencing COVID long-hauler symptoms. Initially

COVID “Long-Hauler” Resource2021-01-15T12:00:37-07:00

One Last PoP in 2020

IT'S NEW YEAR'S EVE-EVE! I have one last PoP for 2020.  Let's. Do. This. Let's take a beat and a breath to BE as

One Last PoP in 20202020-12-29T12:52:43-07:00


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