IT’S THE FIRST NOTE OF 2021! I thought we’d kick it off the way we ended 2020: With a PoP (Place of Pause). 

It sure seems like many would be blessed by a moment to cultivate PEACE, some feel-good restoration and rejuvenation from deep within. The US experienced a day, yesterday, which evidenced epic places of division and angst – and ’round the world, many are struggling.

So, let’s do this.

For ourselves and for one another.

Be Still (Surrender)
Pause here.
Be here.
Breathe here.
Let the thoughts that come
be gently plucked from your thinking mind.
Let the worries be weeded.
Bask in the soil of this space, this place of rest.
You are loved.
Breathe it in.
And let everything else go.

As we dive into 2021, today, a blessing. I am sending love and prayers to those who are financially struggling, whose bodies are unwell, or whose spirits are distressed … whether this person is a friend, family member, people you’ve seen on the news, or you.

Wherever you are in life’s seasons
at the beginning of this new year,
may your days of seeding, lying dormant,
maturing, producing, harvesting,
exchanging, or flourishing
be abundantly blessed …

I believe with everything in me that making space in the GARDEN of our LIVES for what needs to be growing – or resting – is SO VITAL for us these days.

A nudge: Choose one thing to do today that will respond to what the garden of your life most needs: Nourishment, support, creating, or space for the season in which you find yourself now.

For a longer and guided PoP about making space (called “Garden Life“), check out the video series (it’s free) of 10-minute PoPs, check out the video link below, or read through the experiential PoP here.


I share these short and sweet PoPs so you can FILL UP with peace and navigate this wild and crazy season with strength and courage. These days, more than ever, there has been much clamoring for our attention 24-7 with LOUD, FEAR-based, PANIC-inducing messages – but let’s practice peace, together, amidst these stormy days.


Seeds Storyteller Series

SAVE THE DATE … not only for the first Seeds Storyteller Series online event of the year, but our first in 7 months!

WHEN: Thursday, January 14, 2021 – 5 pm MST | 7 pm EST

Check for your time zone so you can TUNE IN TO WATCH LIVE + CHAT LIVE with Becky & Sarah!

Simply click on one of the links below:

WHAT: I’ll be talking with a dear friend of mine, Becky Burns, about our shared experience of being “COVID long-haulers” and how we are navigating our chronic health challenges.

We share our intimate stories – full of struggle and uncertainty … and hope – in order to provide inspiration, information, and nudges for feel-good practices for anyone who is experiencing lingering symptoms from COVID, other chronic challenges, or painful uncertainty or worry in these difficult days. Get ready to learn a few things from this wise sister about the world and some tangible ways to move through these challenging days with courage as a connected community.

More info with links and information about how to join the PREMIERE with LIVE CHAT on the Seeds website here.

FEEL FREE to share: We have created a COVID Long-Hauler Resource with articles, podcasts, research, social media groups, infographics, and books to inform, connect, and encourage those who are experiencing COVID long-hauler symptoms.


OK, love – will leave it here, for now. As you journey into 2021, my heart and prayers are with you, my friend.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️