WELCOME TO The Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis in which I’ll be talking with a dear friend of mine, Becky Burns, about our shared experience of being “COVID long-haulers” and how we are navigating our chronic health challenges. We share our intimate stories – full of struggle and uncertainty … and hope – in order to provide inspiration, information, and nudges for feel-good practices for anyone who is experiencing lingering symptoms from COVID, other chronic challenges, or painful uncertainty or worry in these difficult days. Get ready to learn a few things from this wise sister about the world and some tangible ways to move through these challenging days with courage as a connected community.


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ABOUT our storytellers

A survivor of a mild case of COVID-19, Becky is one of millions of “long-haulers” whose symptoms have persisted for over six months. Becky shares her attempts to be prepared and then learning the about the fickle curve of “expectation”. She now believes it is not so much about what to expect, but about continuing to allow and visit the realm of uncertainty that a chronic health challenge presents. She’ll share how she is learning not to fear, being receptive, observant, and adjusting to the mystery of this season of life.

Sarah Davison-Tracy, the creator and moderator of the Seeds Storyteller Series, will share a bit of her journey as a COVID long-hauler, which has significantly impacted her health for nearly one year with moderate to severe symptoms of heart and lung issues, dizziness/fainting spells, lingering fatigue, persistent headaches and “brain fog”, and hair loss. You can count on this: The focus or “end of story” will not rest upon the physical sickness of this past year (oof! – not easy, for sure!) – but will be on the HOPE and the surprising gifts that these challenges, disruption, and discomfort have forged within her (ahh! – good news!).

We have a hunch and hope that you will find more of your story in ours. -Becky and Sarah


WHAT you can look forward to in this conversation

– STORIES shared intimately and helpfully about COVID long-hauler symptoms
– RESOURCES to assist those who are experiencing similar symptoms or other chronic challenges – For now, you’re most welcome to review and share the COVID “Long-Hauler” Resource we’ve created (and will continue to add to)
– Unexpected GIFTS of hope, learning, and creativity that have come from this season of struggle
– GUIDED moment to BE STILL and take a “PoP” (Place of Pause) together with a specific idea or two for you to take into your everyday life and practice on your own or with your family so you can experience peace and strength within these stormy days.


COVID Long-Hauler Resource

We have created a COVID Long-Hauler Resource with articles, podcasts, research, social media groups, infographics, and books to inform, connect, and encourage those who are experiencing COVID long-hauler symptoms. Initially assembled by Becky Burns and Sarah Davison-Tracy, please feel free to share with Sarah any additional information you have found helpful by emailing her the link(s) – and she will add it to the list. Link HERE.


MORE about Becky Burns

Before our Seeds Storyteller Series livestreams or premieres, I always ask our storyteller a few questions. We don’t always get to these on our livestream, so here are some of my favorite nuggets from Becky. I hope it inspires you and you find a bit of your story in hers. You are most welcome to connect with Becky – email or facebook.

What are a few things that you would like to encourage folks to do?

Be open to the connections you can make through joining a group which meets via Zoom. There is an entire world of people wanting to connect. Find a topic you are passionate about, and sign up to meet. I’ve had huge support via an expressive art open studio group, a Celtic studies mythology group, and a interpersonal neurobiology group.

Spend time in nature in whatever way you can do so. Observe animals, birds, and ask them what they would like you to know.

Be open and receptive.

Cook healthy foods, and have chicken and vegetable stock (homemade) in your freezer for when you need a boost.

What are 3 words that give you hope amidst these disrupted days of work, home, and community?

Storytelling, Integration, Mystery

What inspires you these days?

Observing birds.

Do you have a favorite quote or poem you’d like to share with folks?

Immediately what popped into my head is a quote from John H. Payne that sits upon my refrigerator: “There is no place like home.” Yes, that’s correct — the line Dorothy murmurs as she taps those ruby slippers together three times to return to Kansas. “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…”

Throughout my illness and recovery and the bumpy and unpredictable journey that a chronic condition creates, I’ve spent so much time at home. Often I come into my room — my meditation room, my studio, my writing area — and I am immediately embraced, my nerves are quieted, and my soul knows….”there is no place like home…”

What is 1 thing you’d like to TEACH/INFORM participants during our time together? How do you think this will encourage or inspire folks during their days of quarantine / “shelter in place” / Corona news?

Be open and receptive to what comes to you, and develop tools for your toolbox that you can use to interpret these experiences and find meaning.

Are there any resources – books, movies, websites, people you’d like to share/connect folks with?

Dan Siegel’s “Interpersonal Neurobiology” online course can be found HERE. His book, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation is a good start.

The Enchanted Life” by Sharon Blackie (great courses)

Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews

What is 1 act – big or small – you’d like to encourage folks to do?

Find a creative act — something you feel comfortable exploring — and engage with this at least one or two times a week. You don’t have to be an artist — for example — It can be dance or just a simple movement to music.

Given the current impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, how is your life being impacted? Share a ROSE (something blooming because of the Coronavirus) – a BUD (something new/good happening) – a THORN (something challenging/painful/hard).

ROSE: Having the time and space to write a novel, and feeling the wave of creativity that comes with this process. BUD: A new awareness and perception of my connection to nature and to history. THORN: A pause on the warmth and vibrancy of a dinner party, hugs for friends new and old, and my work with children one on one.

Is spirituality an essential part of your life, your work? If so, share a bit about HOW your personal faith influences and/or empowers your everyday life.

Spirituality is very important. I acknowledge and honor the cycles of nature — sun and moon cycles, and understand that I am a part of the earth and all of her creatures. Each solstice and equinox, I participate in a ritual designed to assist me to interpret the energies of the earth. I journal, pull spirit cards, and create affirmations that I integrate into my daily meditations. My favorite cards are “Sacred Earth Oracle”, “Medicine Cards” and I also pull “Heart-stones” for guidance.


ABOUT the Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis | Stories of community, compassion, and creativity in the midst of everyday life, today. We share these stories about everyday difference-makers with you in the midst of the Corona pandemic so you can be informed, inspired, and ignited to care for yourself and others in the midst of these disrupted and challenging days.


My heart and prayers are with you, my friend, as you journey into the new year. May you be DEEPLY and WHOLLY WELL in body, mind, and spirit.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️