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What’s UNFOLDING in you? | Delta Donohue

Dear friends, is there something in you that you’ve always wanted to pursue, do, create, see, explore?  Something to which you long to say YES?  Are you afraid, excited, unsure? Well, you’re in some extraordinary company. :) The wonder Deeply laced with fear Am I enough To step outside Beyond the safety Of the box I’d […]

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A story of luminosity | Nilmini Hecox

Nilmini Hecox has been a soul sista in our Seeds kula {community} since the beginning.  She is truly luminous – igniting joy, courage, passion, and LOVE from the depths of her beautiful self.  Nilmini recently launched a new endeavor, Silkstone {see the end of this email for more about Silkstone and for some extraordinary upcoming workshops […]

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Feasting at The Sherpa House

Last week, my family took me to eat at The Sherpa House in Golden, Colorado for a special Mother’s Day celebration.   As we walked up to the restaurant, prayer flags whipped above us and prayer wheels faintly chimed in the background. Micah climbed on our backs and we took turns filming a clip for the HelpCarrytheLoad crowdrising […]

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Join me – Berni’s Journey

So proud of and inspired by my dear friend, Berni Slowey & her film, Berni’s Journey – showing this Sunday, March 22, at noon in Denver. [Deets below.] I’m going – join me! :}  Click here to buy tickets. Showing: Sunday, March 22, 12:00 PM Running Time: 62 Minutes Theater: Sie FilmCenter – Denver, Colorado Thursday, March 19th at […]