Nilmini Hecox has been a soul sista in our Seeds kula {community} since the beginning.  She is truly luminous – igniting joy, courage, passion, and LOVE from the depths of her beautiful self.  Nilmini recently launched a new endeavor, Silkstone {see the end of this email for more about Silkstone and for some extraordinary upcoming workshops + retreats – join in, if you can!}.

Just a few days before Silkstone went public, I had the honor of sitting down with Nilmini to hear about the journey of this new work.

Friends – take a moment to read and TAKE IN her story … what resonates?  Will you share with us in the comments section {must be in this post on our blog to do so}, on Facebook, or via email {}?

  • For what are you “born to do?” What will leave YOU with a  a sense that if this happens, you will “die happy?”  Find a nugget in the rich story below and share YOUR own with us. :)

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Sarah DT:  Why do you want to do this work?  What is the glue that will focus, lead, connect, and support you in the Silkstone [ad]venture?

Nilmini Hecox:  Because when I am guiding these conversations I feel completely in my body and connected to my soul. This is the VALUE of a certain quality about me that I have always had, of being able to draw people in to their own hearts by seeing their light and inviting them to turn up the glow!

Because I was born to do it.

This is my passionate purpose.

Because doing this work is the embodiment of what I talk about – living your purpose, making a real difference, and embracing all aspects of our lives, the personal and the professional in a way that enriches both!  Because we as women leaders need to come together so we build each other up, hold up mirrors to one another when we need, and help each other launch into inspired and purposeful action to change our world.

Sarah DT:  Why is your work needed for the greater good in the world now?

Nilmini Hecox:  Because if we shift our perspective from being bound by views to being guided by visions then we change our actions and our lifetime contributions in both our personal and professional lives will become abundant in spirit. We will begin to transform rather than transact with those around us.  We will then become hooked on living and leading this way and more good will follow.

DSC_0186Sarah DT:  What is your deep intention that will ground your pursuit of your higher intent regardless of the challenges that might arise?

Nilmini Hecox:  I believe whole-heartedly in the POWER of leading from within.  I know that if all women leaders had the tools to lift themselves and each other up, to lead from who they are, and bring their visions into being, we will not only revolutionize the way we lead but also create waves upon waves of positive change that will ripple out through us into our teams, organizations and our world will be transformational. 

Sarah DT:  How would you complete this sentence:  “If I can achieve this, my life will have meaning.”  [What’s the “this”?]

Nilmini Hecox:  If I can find a way to be in service to women who feel that the weight of their myriad roles (wife, mother, soul friend and boss lady) is too heavy or the disconnect between their internal lives and external experiences is too great, then I would be happy. 

I would love to share a new blend of mindful, open-hearted and fearless living and leading with these women and then my life will have meaning.  I would feel like I have contributed something of value in this lifetime. 

If I can help women shift their current paradigms even a little so their dip their toes in to something different then I would be delighted.  If they can sustain this new practice and we begin to see radical transformation in the world around us, through these awakened women leaders, then I would die happy!

What is Silkstone?



Upcoming Fall Offerings | Silkstone Urban Retreat & Mountain Retreats

{To RSVP and to get more information, email Nilmini Hecox:}

…If getting away for an overnight retreat is challenging, the Silkstone Urban Retreat is for you!

Silkstone Urban Retreat {Luminous Leading} at PorchLight Real Estate, Denver | September 25th [4-7 p.m.], 26th [9 a.m.-5 p.m.], & 27th [9 a.m.-noon] | $450, including 2 yoga classes, happy hour on Friday, lunch on Saturday, & program offerings


…If you desire to unplug fully and experience a Silkstone retreat in the mountains, GREAT NEWS!

Silkstone Mountain Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado | October 23 – 25 | $695, including 2 nights’ accommodation (double occupancy), meals (including happy hour), & program offerings

Both retreats will sell out soon, because THIS is what happens within Silkstone retreat participants:

“One thing I know, is that you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of your *unique* purpose. You’ll figure out what serves and what’s lacking. In addition, you’ll have the tools needed to be significant, and create change – in your life and those around you. ♡” – Jaylene 
We explored and practiced quieting and grounding our minds and bodies to hear our intuition, how to breathe in the space between no longer and not yet, and how to lead luminously and live expansively. We were inspired, energized, celebrated passionate purpose and came away knowing we were capable of transformational action. Nil, you dazzled us. Thank you.” – Barb