Last week, my family took me to eat at

The Sherpa House in Golden, Colorado

for a special Mother’s Day celebration.


imageAs we walked up to the restaurant,

prayer flags whipped above us and

prayer wheels faintly chimed in the background.

Micah climbed on our backs and we took turns

filming a clip for the HelpCarrytheLoad crowdrising campaign.


The smells and tastes transported us,

connected us, to those we know and love in Nepal.


imageWe met and spoke with Pravat,

whose eyes sparkled when he heard

Soph chattering about being at the

Monkey Temple in Kathmandu a few months ago.

His family is safe and lives not far from there.


This restaurant raised $10,000 in 5 days for the earthquake relief effort in Nepal.  [Click here for a Colorado Public Radio link to the story.]

Friends, we invite you to email us ( or via comments to this post.  We want to hear your stories of how you are being connected, transformed, beckoned you to be and do YOUR purpose.  Perhaps it’s coming from the earthquake in Nepal, a happening in your own family, work, your health – we want to hear YOUR story.  What’s hard?  What’s easy?  What do you need, long for, dream about?  Share it, please – it will gift us all.