Dear friends, is there something in you that you’ve always wanted to pursue, do, create, see, explore?  Something to which you long to say YES?  Are you afraid, excited, unsure? Well, you’re in some extraordinary company. :)

The wonder

Deeply laced with fear

Am I enough

To step outside

Beyond the safety

Of the box

I’d built

To house and hold me in. -Delta Donohue

10290666_238485606355053_605439449056429011_nOur kula {community} sista, is saying a wholehearted YES to her things to be and do in the world.  Delta Donohue is a poet, playwright {Unfolding – a journey through the middle of life}, storyteller, humanitarian, activist, entrepreneur {founder of Anoothi US}, global adventurer…lover of people and LIFE.

For those of you in Colorado, she has six shows coming up of Unfolding, her 1-woman play – see the deets at the end of this post…COME with US – it’s gonna be A.Maz.Ing.  Even if you can’t make it, there is such GOODNESS, power, inspiration, beckonings to your YES in her story – so, read on, friends.

A bit of Delta’s Unfolding story {and an invitation to our own}

“I am a poet and a storyteller. Words have nestled in my bones since my earliest memories. I am a lover of words and live for those moments of connection when our words meet and our hearts recognize each other.

Have you ever felt a longing? Something brewing, growing, longing to leap into the air but you weren’t quite sure what it was? That was the beginning of Unfolding. I knew I had a story to tell but the what’s and the how’s kept stopping me, until one day, walking on the treadmill the lightbulb moment happened.

(By the way, the treadmill happens to be where many of my epiphanies happen, for another friend, it’s the shower… I wonder what that says about both of us?) Anyhooo……

I was treading along, all puns intended, when I thought of my favorite John O’Donohue poem. The entire poem is “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” And right then it became crystal clear. I wanted to write about my own unfolding, living my middle-aged life.

Unfolding – a journey through the middle of life is my story, but it is all of our stories, for we will all age, and one way or another, we all go through many of the same life transitions: our parents aging, our relationships changing, our bodies becoming foreign objects, and the joy of living more comfortably within our self.  Unfolding is unique in that it is a living, breathing show. It changes, as life has changed, the river has continued flowing, and new unfoldings emerge.  I’d love to have you come to the show and discover your own unfoldings.”

Unfolding wisdom + beckonings

I am reminded
This time of unfolding
Into who I have always been.

Here and now
I could walk a different path
And whether I had ever been
What I hoped to be
Held no say
No voice of deep authority
On what I now could be.

Yes, yes, yes,
I’d love to
This will be perfect
Exactly what I need
The goal
A race we’ll run together
I can do this
Books are written
About couch potatoes doing this!

And so I wake

To live out loud

Choose the way

Of big and bold

Will you share with us in the comments section {must be in this post on our blog to do so}, on Facebook, or via email {}?

  • YOUR unfolding story:  what do you dream of pursuing, doing, creating, seeing, exploring…to which you want to say YES?

{We so want to hear YOUR voice, friends.  xoxoxox! :)}


Unfolding Deets

11828609_10207434327645067_7287953709621111861_nFriends – don’t miss Delta’s upcoming performances of her 1-woman play, Unfolding – a journey through the middle of life.

This unique, one-woman show will be performed 6 times in The Boulder International Fringe Festival®. Delta’s riveting performance played to sold out crowds in Denver. Don’t miss your opportunity to share the journey with her. You’ll laugh, use a tissue or two and see yourself along the way.

Click here to view Delta’s Unfolding Newsletter (amazing! :) & click here to join Delta’s email kula {community} of goodness.

Additional voices: Jane Stanfield and Rocky Rhoads. Directed by 5Penny Productions.


Tickets + Location

  • I have purchased 20 seats for her opening night on September 19 – let me know if you want one:
  • Tickets can also be purchased here. $13/$11(seniors/students)
  • Location:  The East Theatre at The Dairy Center for the Arts   2590 Walnut Street, Boulder CO 80302
  • Dates:  September 19th – 8:30 | 20th – 5:30 | 21st – 7:00 | 23rd – 4:00 | 25th – 4:00 | 26th – 7:00