On January 12, 15 kids and 10 adults volunteered with us and the Denver Women’s Homeless Initiative to cook for, serve dinner to, and eat with 20 homeless women. We cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes (with optional toppings of nutella, almond butter, syrup, whipped cream), yogurt-fruit-granola parfaits, and cookies for dessert.

It rocked.

Our kids were breathtaking in their love, energy, capacity to jump in and do this!

Seeds were planted.
In fact, many are already growing.

My friends shared amazing observations their kids made & rich conversations they had with them after the night’s service.

It seems a fire has been lit in many of them to do this again.

And, Valerie, one of the beloved women we served, told me this with tears in her eyes…

I cannot tell you how much I loved hearing kids’ voices.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had dinner with children.

And, my!  They were so kind to me.

They filled her up.  Shared some love.

[A huge shout out to Amy Wright @ Whole Foods /Tamarac Square, who generously donated food for the event.]