I HOPE THIS NOTE enCOURAGES and speaks to you deeply, especially if you are facing challenges, unknowns, upendings … life’s ups and downs.

I shared the first “C” of summer (compassion) in May, a musing about core in June, courage in July … and today, a new “C”. May these “summer C’s” speak to you, embolden you, and strengthen your roots.

But first, may I suggest that we, T O G E T H E R  and today take a moment to pray and send love to our sisters and brothers in Afghanistan – and all of those around the world – who are suffering, terrified, and unsure about what tomorrow will bring? Take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and share some love and hope with them from the quiet of your own spirit. Continue this practice – especially if you find yourself worried and overwhelmed at what you see on the news – and return to this quiet, courageous, and compassionate place of prayer and way of BEing. Might you also ask and be on the lookout for if there is a way you can tangibly care for these brothers and sisters? If you want to do so and don’t yet see a way, you might just be surprised in the day(s) to come. I’d love to hear what emerges for you in this Place of Pause (PoP).

Alright, my dear friend, I’m eager to share our fourth and final “C” of summer: Clarity. I initially wrote this to myself … and now, I share it with you.

Clarity, yes clarity.
Of heart. Of focus. Of your WHY.
Of your purpose on the planet.
May it fuel the trajectory of your life. 

May you be still and simply welcome clarity to emerge.

On the days when life seems far more foggy than clear, 
do not doubt, 
do not fear,
do not hide,
do not go it alone.

Be bold. Be brave. Be you.
– even in the fog –
– even when your boots quake and earth seems to shake around you –
– even when you feel more butterflies than boldness –

Trust that courage, core, clarity, and compassion are HERE,
right now,
and that more is coming.

But, in the meantime, before you feel these C’s have arrived,
you need not hustle,
you need not force, 
you need not make it all happen.

Grow your roots
in the indisputable,
uncontested, the
You have glittering gifts.
You matter.
You are loved.
You are not alone – not now, not ever.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️

P.S. Check out this week’s PoP (Place of Pause) with a nudge to claim the vocation of an explorer … which might just free you from the burden of needing to know where you are going and how you are getting there. Ahh.