A SHORT SHARE IN THIS NOTE that I hope enCOURAGES and speaks to you deeply, especially if you are facing challenges, unknowns, upendings … life’s ups and downs.

Last month, I shared the first “C” of summer (compassion) and today, a musing about core, followed by clarity and courage in a few weeks. I hope each of these “summer C’s” speak to you, embolden you, and strengthen your roots, my dear friend.

This “C” emerged for me in the midst of a season, right now, in which I have found myself facing one challenge after another, at times feeling the tremble of being stretched to the core. Truth be told, while uncomfortable and difficult, I held fast to a hope that there is strength being forged in my core by the rigors of this season. In case you, too, are in some such season, may this blessing buoy your heart.

When life makes you tremble
with possibility and dreams,
struggle and heartbreak,
daily to do’s of work and relationships,
the state of the world – needs, violence, division, sickness and death, and
aches too big for you to meet …

Dig deep.
Root down.

Reach out – to those who love, who SEE you, 
to Spirit – your connection to the Sacred – to the One, I believe, who loves and companions you always.

Be supported and sustained for the rigors of this day.
Trust that what is being strengthened in the hard days will make you firm, 
stable …
so you are deeply at peace, full of inextinguishable joy, and
so we can standTALL and light up the world, T O G E T H E R.

Dear one, may you remember…
You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️

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