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On the edge of my seat

I’m on the edge of my seat right now.  In 10 minutes, I’ll be Skyping for an interview with Michaela Garretson, of DISfunkshion Magazine.  Stay tuned, friends. This is “exilafying” (yup, made the word up: combo of exhilarating & terrifying)!   QUOTE & QUESTION #1…   If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting […]

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It is time

I read this magnificent poem, to launch an afternoon of collaboration, circling ’round, ushering in a new season of work for a dear sister today. We played with and were guided by the powerful practices of Art of Hosting. The picture captures our “harvesting” work – what a joy and honor to do this with and […]

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We are Somebodies

I am Beloved.  Cherished.  Celebrated.  I Belong. Check out this TED Talk by Jacqueline Novogratz, Inspiring a Life of Immersion.  If you have only a moment, for now, here is a glimpse of it via this excerpt about belonging, purpose, value, worthiness from some amazing fellas in the largest slum in the world:  Kiera, Kenya. “Sometimes very small […]

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Seed Sips Stories

Home – basking in the sunrise and new day ahead

First sunrise walk since we returned home from Nepal – headed to the water’s edge at the lake in City Park. Standing there, feeling the sun’s first light on me, I was deeply grateful for my extraordinary community [kula] … this beauty, fresh air, and abundant life today. I was also filled with such awe […]

Stories Welcome

An invitation

We invite you to share your voice from exactly where you are right now. post, post, post!!!  Making a difference starts with YOUR voice…find a few of these stories that beckon you and share 3 words in response. invite friends, your spouse, your kids to join us and share their voices. We will do the same and […]

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Welcome to our Seeds of Exchange blog…

At Seeds of Exchange, we are a mighty collective of everyday changemakers. Together, we form a community committed to lives of purpose, justice, and dignity in backyards and distant lands. We seek to inform, cultivate, and ignite you to inspired action around diverse challenges – personal, communal, or global – so that you make a […]

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Seeds of Exchange focus & essence

C’mon in, take your coat off, grab a comfy seat and cozy or refreshing drink, exhale (maybe it’s been a long day! :), and make yourself at home. The focus right now is sharing the story of our journey to and work in Nepal [Feb 26-Mar 12, 2015].  We invite you to stretch your wings and […]

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Seed Sips

Say Yes!

What If What if Just for a moment We stop And allow ourselves to believe That we are perfect Not just enough For that suggests a limitation in itself, Perfect Unimaginably dazzling Clothed in potential and possibility Howling with joyous abandonment For the richness of the landscape That frames our life Dancing every step Whether […]

Seed Sips Stories

Invitations whispered: It’s a new year – be & do YOU.

There are often deep invitations being whispered to us that will bring such joy, fullness, peace, purpose, and love into more and more nooks and crannies of our lives. Simple as lighting a candle, making a cozy cup of tea, reading a book that fuels our imaginations, longings, hopes, making a phone call to hear […]