Create a Vision.  Know Yourself.  Experience Joy – with Amy Brady, founder of StandUP.

The holiday season is upon us.  How do you envision this season?  When the confetti has settled, the decorations have been boxed for another year and extended family has headed home, how do you want to feel?  If you were able to look back on the holiday season on January 2nd and it was everything you had dreamed, what would have happened?  In this workshop you will be introduced to the Core Energy framework.  We will use this framework to better understand what has you feeling love, joy and empowerment during the holidays, and what triggers you toward feelings of negativity.  You will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of yourself and empowered to experience the joy of the season in a way you never imagined.

Workshop Deets:  December 8, from 5:30-8:30 pm.  Denver, CO

Sarah has a way of creating an incredibly warm and welcoming space; not only in her home, but in the hearts and minds of those she invites in.  I left the evening refreshed, grateful, inspired, and filled with the possibility of new personal and professional connections.  This is an opportunity to whole-heartedly embrace. -Amy Brady

3 Connections to share from our friends who joined this evening’s festivities:

  1. Link to Diane Sieg’s Mindful Year program.  Also, check out Diane’s other amazing work on her website sharing her passions around“Health.  Happiness.  Bottom Line.”  She is a gifted yoga teacher, inspired reatreat leader, writer, keynote speaker, and more. :)
  2. Amy Wright’s website & email if you want to connect with her about her creative work and passions around beauty, women’s stories, travel photography book from her recent journey to India, and more:
  3. Jacquie Fedo, gifted, impassioned, & powerful coach has some fantastic possibilities for you to consider in 2015.  Check in with her via her website or email:
  4. Delta Donohue is co-founder of Anoothi, a most-remarkable fair-trade and women’s business development endeavor.  She brought a collection of stunning pieces from India and beyond for our holiday shopping delight: