we foster & ignite connection with purpose

At Seeds of Exchange, we are a mighty collective of everyday changemakers. Together, we form a community committed to lives of purpose, justice, and dignity in backyards and distant lands. We seek to inform, cultivate, and ignite you to inspired action around diverse challenges – personal, communal, or global – so that you make a powerFULL difference in the world that feels good.

We’re over-the-top-overJOYed and honored that you’re here, dear friend!  We’ve created this to be an inspiring place to exchange stories and grow together. So, love, explore, share your own tales. You belong here. Let’s do this!

This blog is about the power of both everyday and extraordinary connections.
May you discover brave and vibrant truth-tellings mixed with everyday wonders,
whether traveling with us to Nepal,
or being transported by the firefly in your own backyard.
Gather with a friend, your spouse, your children – and celebrate life with us.  [xo!]

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