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When the thing to do today is not on our “to do” list.

I am a storyteller, kula [community] cultivator, one who fosters & ignites connection with purpose. What a gift is is to share inspirational, courageous, real tales of those I meet. Offering nuggets of life’s learnings from my own story. Listening to and doing what I can to companion those around me – near & far. What […]

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Bags o’ Love Extravaganza

Oh, friends, our 2nd Annual Bags o’ Love Extravaganza, was such a blast! 65 parents and kids came over to share some love, play, and celebrate.  A Bag of Love includes food, water, and treats which we tuck in our cars to share with folks asking for help on the street.  Now, instead of feeling […]


Musings on love, life, & the kula [community]

I am a Community [Kula] Cultivator   Lover of celebrating culture, creativity, community of the earth floating in the water, riding it’s energy dance, of moving to new rhythms elders, teachers…arm in arm… learning, living, engaging in and with life together   Lover of airports passport in my pocket new currency in my wallet new tastes on […]


Seeds E & E (Elements & Essence)

Without soil, water, air, & sunlight, seeds do not grow. They may be full of possibility, but they will stay in the ground… unseen, immobilized, & lifeless, until fed & fueled by the elements.   Seeds of Exchange creates spaces, infused extravagant hospitality for body, mind and spirit via programs, events, & a vibrant online […]

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Seeds’ beginnings

In January, 2006, I began Seeds of Exchange with a vision to foster community and support the enterprises and well-being of women globally. In the winter of 2006, I went for a rainy walk with my dear friend, Christy Graham, with whom I adventured in India for the first time as a teenager. While on […]