This morning, I awoke to a post on facebook from a Nepali friend that there had been another quake today.  [Click here for a BBC article about the 7.3 magnitude quake in Nepal early this morning.]

Friends, can you do one thing today to support our sisters and brothers in Nepal?

  1. Share this link with your networks and invite them to join you,
  2. Donate to one of our beloved and greatly trusted organizations on the ground now,
  3. Pause and pray, meditate, send some love to these dear ones – create a moment of silence around the dinner table with your friends or family.  [Click here for a link to our friend, Barb Yondorf’s, beautiful poem about her extraordinary experience that came from sitting down to be still and be present to our friends in Nepal.]

Share the moment of your chosen action and presence – send us a picture, a voice memo, write a little something, take a video…anything! :} |

Make a donation, create something beautiful, cook a meal, dedicated to those in Nepal, go for a walk holding our friends dear, have a conversation with a friend and share about the need…whatever you sense if YOUR thing to do and be.

Loving, courageous, attentive acts can be simple and yet extraordinarily powerful, friends.

Last night was one such simple night.

I gathered with some soul sistas to sip tea, talk about, and pray with and for our friends in Nepal. Here are a  few things that captured our heart’s attention.

  • 150 aftershocks have rocked the earth since the initial quake on 25 March, 2015, destabilizing buildings.
  • Children’s hearts, spirits, and minds are being traumatized – life has been very difficult and terrifying for many.
  • Women are going into premature labor due to the stress and physical exertion of walking all day.  There are few places for them to place to rest, sit, lay down.
  • Many are scared to enter hospitals, for fear of it crumbling on top of them.
  • There are still great numbers of villages unreached by relief workers.
  • Many are spending their days and nights caring for friends and neighbors – sharing food, looking for loved ones, carrying the injured to the hospitals.
  • For hope, love, collaboration, unity to flourish amidst the chaos and fear.

And, this morning, we awoke to the news of another quake.

It took our breath away, brought tears to our eyes, tightened our stomachs in concern, strengthened our resolve to do this work…and brought us to this moment.  With you.

Come…We. Need. You.