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[Podcast] If you want to give back, do this

From the amazing Elaine Appleton Grant, founder of One More Shot Podcast, comes this interview of Sarah Davison-Tracy, founder of Seeds of Exchange. Visit Ep. 8: If you want to give back, do this or read the highlights and listen here.   2017 has been a tough year — from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires, to political […]

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Your own INspired changemaking

You belong here. Together, we are igniting a global community movement, our path well-worn by steps of inspired vision and action…each making mighty contributions to those impacted by our world’s great challenges, whether in our backyards or distant lands. Join us.  Our Changemaker Series ran from September 20th to the 23rd. Over 4 days, we hosted 10 events, […]


Practice Ebbing This Summer

Listen. Do you hear it? Glorious stillness. The wind in the trees, the sound of your neighbors greeting the day. Thump-thump…thump-thump. I almost forgot the sound of my own beat. Yes, it’s so easy to lose the thread of what ignites our soul, thinking, There’s not enough time… later, later. To some, slowing down is seen as […]


Dreaming big(ger) together

True confession. I forgot and lost confidence to dream big…really, I did. It surprised me, challenged me… and beckoned me to begin dreaming big(ger). I’ve been practicing listening to and stepping into my desires in tiny and mighty ways, from putting work off for a few minutes and going outside for a walk to feel the sun on my skin, to […]

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Build your community, your tribe. Take a step.

Stark, matte blackbird logo silhouette on whitewashed brick building, and vintage-style cage lighting hung above golden-brown bar and rich, pinewood tables – an environment beckoning us to gather tonight. It is in this chosen space that we discover beauty as perhaps a broadened perspective, as shared tears, the knowing kind of laughter…and total, delicious delight […]

Events & Service Local Pods Stories

Light it up!

Lighting up the world, each of our gifts making it a bit brighter. This is one of the tenets we hold at Seeds of Exchange. Together, with you, we are IGNITING a global movement of connection, purpose, and dignity, for all. That sounds good, doesn’t it? But, dang – life is overwhelming sometimes. We know that […]

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Leaping + Soaring … TOGETHER

I stand at the edge of the cliff. Oh, my. It’s a long way down. My parachute is strapped to my back and it’s up to me. It’s time to jump, I whisper. Heart pounding, my breath is short. I’ve never done this before. I know, I know: I must jump for the ‘chute to […]