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[Podcast] If you want to give back, do this

From the amazing Elaine Appleton Grant, founder of One More Shot Podcast, comes this interview of Sarah Davison-Tracy, founder of Seeds of Exchange. Visit Ep. 8: If you want to give back, do this or read the highlights and listen here.   2017 has been a tough year — from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires, to political […]

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Inspired Action

Inspired Action | Changemaker Series

You belong here. Together, we are igniting a global community movement, our path well-worn by steps of inspired vision and action…each making mighty contributions to those impacted by our world’s great challenges, whether in our backyards or distant lands. Join us.  Our Changemaker Series ran from September 20th to the 23rd. Over 4 days, we hosted 10 events, […]

Global Projects Stories

Alisha’s rescue + return home | Nepal

There are great injustices in the world. There is a cry rising in me. It is NOT right that anyone be held as a slave EVER. And, yet – it’s happening, in our city and around the world – by the millions. I do not want to – will not – sit by and look […]