You belong here. Together, we are igniting a global community movement, our path well-worn by steps of inspired vision and action…each making mighty contributions to those impacted by our world’s great challenges, whether in our backyards or distant lands. Join us. 

Our Changemaker Series ran from September 20th to the 23rd. Over 4 days, we hosted 10 events, including video calls, a facebook live interview, and in-person gatherings throughout Denver, each featuring extraordinary and everyday changemakers.

In these pages and in the days to come, we beckon you to say yes to living the life you were born to live, build your tribe, and fiercely commit to the well-being of those near and far. We have created this Inspired Action Resource to ignite your path with your own inspired changemaking.



[with our Changemaker Storytellers, Coaches and Leaders]

Each of our storytellers spoke about where they work, who they serve, what got them into this work. Some of them focus on prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation of those impacted by human trafficking, others are using their businesses to impact change, and some are using their art to shine a light and bring truth, beauty, and hope to the world. Each one is an innovator in life, weaving their gifts into a tapestry, vibrant with threads of family, education, work, service, well-being, and more.


Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. ―Jalaluddin Rumi


Alexis Newton | CoNEHT (Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking)

  • Mission: CoNEHT is a Colorado statewide resource and referral hotline for human trafficking.
  • Where do we work? India, Nepal, Guatemala, Kenya, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Sign up to become a CoNEHT hotline advocate. 2. Request a CoNEHT advocate to speak at your next event. 3. Hold a fundraiser for CoNEHT.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Humility. Love. Compassion.

Amy Leonard | GoPhilanthropic and GoPhilanthropic Travel 

  • Mission: We support grassroots organizations globally in areas of education, empowerment, and healthcare.
  • Where do we work? India, Nepal, Guatemala, Kenya, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
  • Calls to action: 1. Consider taking one of our journeys to see our partner NGO’s in action while learning about and experiencing the culture firsthand. 2. Read the riveting book by our co-founder, Lydia Dean, Jumping the Picket Fence: A Woman’s Search for Meaning from the Suburbs to the Slums. Join Lydia on an inspirational path around the world. The book ultimately is not about Lydia’s story, but is about what each of us can do to explore our own dreams and jump our own fences. 3. Watch SOLD, a narrative, feature film adaptation of the globally acclaimed novel by Patricia McCormick. Based on true stories, SOLD, is the story of Lakshmi who journeys from a pastoral, rural village in Nepal to a gritty brothel/prison called Happiness House in Kolkata, India. Link to film preview.
  • PowerFULL impacts of this endeavor: Join a community passionate about  travel, culture, and impacting change.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Passion. Culture. Impact.

Amy K WrightAmy K Wright Photography and Tell it Well Greeting Cards

  • Mission: To provide small business loans to women in poverty. 10% of sales from Tell it Well Greeting Cards is donated to the Whole Planet Foundation which provides small business loans to women in poverty around the world.
  • Where do we work? USA and over 70 Countries around the world
  • Calls to action: Purchase Tell it Well Greeting Cards on my website or at Denver Metro Whole Foods Markets. Check out the work of the Whole Planet Foundation.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: You get to directly connect with and help others through your purchase of these cards, be inspired by art and photography, and be encouraged to follow your own dreams in life and business.
  • Words that fuel my life: Mission – Driven Business, Global Heart, Hope


For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. -Nelson Mandela


Cory Carlson | Aruna Project

  • Mission: The Aruna Project brings and sustains freedom through employment marked by holistic care to sexually exploited women in India.
  • Where do we work? India
  • Calls to action: 1. Purchase a designer bag. 2. Donate or join/host an Aruna run. 3. Meet our artisans. 4. Pray for more women to be freed and empowered.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. Bringing women from darkness to light; from the brothels to employment. 2. Bringing hope to these women; they feel they have no value when they arrive but we give them hope for a brighter future. 3. Bringing hope to these women.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Life to (the) full.


Danielle Norris | SOVENCO

  • Mission: Our mission is to inspire courage in business leaders and companies to live to their fullest potential by making a difference in the world and using their business as a force for good.
  • Where do I work? USA
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Commit to a higher level of responsibility to “do-good” in your business or career and make it sustainable for long-term change in our world. 2. Sign-up for Sovenco’s program to make #1 come to fruition. 3. Refer others that would benefit from our program.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. We offer DIRECT support to initiatives that we have put through a rigorous process to confirm their ability to create social change and BIG impact. 2. We value business and capitalism as a source for change, but has to be formed proactively versus reactive. 3. We believe those that come from hidden spots of our society and world (such as poverty) are hidden gems that need to be noticed as heroes, not victims.
  • 3 words that fuel your life: Purpose. Business. Impact.


Deborah Rohan Schleuter | One Person Acted

  • Mission: To motivate, train and support individuals and organizations who want to change the world.
  • Where do I work? Globally active with US and Middle East primary focus
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Read and share my book or ebook, One Person Acted and Everything Changed: 10 Inspiring Accounts of World Changers. 2. Invite me to speak to your group or recommend me to others. 3. Hire me to give a keynote or workshop at your company, school, organization.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. To create a compassionate, sustainable world, we each must serve one another and the planet, and my hope and goal is to inspire each person to find their unique way of doing that. 2. I encourage everyone to find 5 ways they can alter their daily habits to impact the world in a powerful way. Some sample areas: What you eat: What/where you buy; Your Carbon footprint; How you vote; What you notice and act on. 3. The 10 world changers in my book need help and support to continue their work, and I encourage each of you to read their stories, follow their work, and support them in any way you are able.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Up to Us

Delta Donohue | Website

  • Mission: To inspire women, particularly those in the middle of life, to make the leap and answer the YES that is calling them.
  • Where do I work? USA and India
  • 3 calls to action: 1 Buy my book: The First Taste Belongs to the Gods. A portion of each book sold goes to benefit Vatsalya working on behalf of homeless children and marginalized women in India. 2. Sign me up for a reading. While this is about reading from the book, it really is about inspiring women to step wildly into their purpose. 3. Sign me up for a speaking engagement. Ditto to #2 :)
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. I believe we are all called to live a powerful, engaging life. I want to help women tap into that. 2. Part of the message is the permission to fail, misstep, and get back on the horse again. 3. You are more than enough – you are everything you need to be!
  • 3 words that fuel my life: YES. Love. Flow.

Elaine Appleton GrantAppleton Studios, Inc. and One More Shot

  • Mission: The One More Shot podcast features conversations with people who have succeeded in reinventing themselves, their creative lives, their careers, or their world. My mission is to use One More Shot to inspire and help others to succeed on their reinvention journeys.
  • Where do I work? USA (so far!)
  • Calls to action: 1. Join the One More Shot meetup, a six-week meetup designed for all of us to help each other along the reinvention journey (and if you’d like to be a guest speaker, email me). 2. Listen to One More Shot (links to Apple, Google Play, and Stitcher here) and make sure to subscribe, rate, and review. 3. Subscribe to the One More Shot email list. 4. Like and follow the One More Shot Facebook page.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. If you have a One More Shot story of reinvention to share, please get in touch! 2. Appleton Studios, Inc., produces podcasts and develops/edits books for progressive organizations (universities, foundations, nonprofits, and individuals who serve). Let me know if I can help you tell your story “for a wiser world.” 2. I would like One More Shot to include more stories of service and for Appleton Studios to find one mission to support for social impact. Please let me know what your cause is and how we might consider supporting it with our time, energy, inspiration — and as Appleton Studios grows, with our funding.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Together we grow.

Håkan GabrielssonOut of Ashes

  • Video: Here is also a short but moving report by the British Channel 4 News regarding men from Cambodia and Myanmar who are exposed to trafficking on Thai fishing boats.

Hannah Badi | Lighthouse Foundation Nepal

Hannah is the first woman in her people group, the Badi of Nepal, to attend college, with a big dream of being the Prime Minister of Nepal.

Jacquie Fedo | Coaching410  

  • Mission: I believe in You. On Purpose. Lifting every person up to their fullest potential.
  • Where do I work? With whole-hearted leaders everywhere
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Have a deep conversation with me on what matters to you most. 2. Be brave and vulnerable with me to explore how you might be limiting yourself. 3. Journey with me and your inner know about your purpose and passion. Email me for more information.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor in my life: I am on a quest to live my life in my gifting, purpose and passion. I’m challenged continually through every season as I explore these facets in my own journey. I believe we each have a unique purpose and there in lies our greatest power.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Gifting. Purpose. Passion.

Jentrey Potter | Jentrey Potter Coaching “Be The SHERO”

  • Mission: Empowering women through self-care and self-love and helping them discover how to be the shero of their own story by finding their voice through Facebook live.
  • Where do I work? Online and locally (Colorado)
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Join me on The SHERO Show as a fan or interview guest. 2.  Learn to share your story or mission through my FB live group and private training. 3. Send me referrals for collaborative partners. Email me for more information.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: Finding the courage to share your story, be a voice, and rid yourself and the world of the shame of vulnerability in sharing.
  • 3 words that fuel my life. Courage. Vulnerability. Love.

Jessica Munoz | Ho`ola Na Pua

  • Mission: Renewal of trafficked girls through health, education, advocacy and reintegration
  • Where do we work? Hawaii
  • Calls to action: 1. Volunteer. 2. Donate. 3. Find and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 4. Get educated.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: May you be encouraged due to the cause, the children and the immediate need to support these girls.
  • Words that fuel my life: Health. Education. Advocacy. Reintegration.

John DeYoungMomentum Global and Shift Justice Conference

  • Mission: To eraticate the sex trade industry in Denver through mobilizing the youth in Denver, partnering with organizations, educating the community and to create a local shift from awareness to action.
  • Where do we work? India – Denver
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Passion. Experience. Compassion.


Katie HilbornGlobal Orphan Prevention

  • Mission: We keep mothers and children together by providing resources and training necessary to maintain families.
  • Where do we work? Nepal, Vietnam, India
  • 3 calls to action: Spread awareness, become a sponsor, be a brand partner. Email me for more information.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. We use social enterprise to halt child trafficking and the orphan trade. 2. We empower girls and women. 3. We ensure sustainability within our programs.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Warrior. Advocate. Voice.

Laurie Benson | Laurie Benson Coaching

  • Mission: Empowering others to step into their true power through increased self-awareness and self-love.
  • Where do I work? Everywhere. We are all connected.
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Sign up for my newsletter and blog, so we can stay connected. 2. Take advantage of my free first coaching session and schedule yours today. 3. Become curious around what your world would look like if you had support stepping into your best possible life, and then get in touch.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. Before we can value others, we must first value ourselves. 2. Our work together goes deep into where our stories live in our bodies and how we can align with our centered self love. 3. Through this work, we truly see and value those around us, changing how we move through the world.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Awareness. Alignment. Belonging.


When you hear the call, the invitation to step out, do not wait to step until you see the whole path. -Momma Jen Tracy


Lisa Sharpe |  Stylish Sparrow

  • Mission: I work with women in their own closet to enjoy getting dressed every day, and enjoy fashion in an environmentally and socially conscious way.
  • Where do I work? In the USA – global focus in Nepal and Africa
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Book a wardrobe and personal style session with Stylish Sparrow (portion of proceeds support Lighthouse Foundation Nepal). 2. Follow us on Facebook to learn about the benefits of enjoying fashion in a socially and environmentally conscious way. 3. Join the MeetUp group: Where Social Justice, Fashion and Environmentalism Meet.
  • PowerFULL impacts of this endeavor: You will discover the relationship between doing the things you love to do and making an impact in the world. That’s what Stylish Sparrow is all about! For me, I never dreamed my love of fashion could connect with social justice and the environment. I thought these 2 things were mutually exclusive. When I realized that they go hand-in-hand, I was liberated to pursue my dream.
  • Words that fuel my life: Freedom. Global Citizenship. Human Connection.

Lori HeislerGreater Good Institute

  • Mission: To uplift humanity for the greater good.
  • Where do we work? USA and SE Asia
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Learn about and donate to my journey. 2. Follow my journey on Facebook. 3. Join our Good For Her Camp launching this fall.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Dignity. Compassion. Love.

Melissa Schaap | Imani Collective

  • Mission: Together, we unleash a woman’s greatness through empowerment, opportunity, and community.
  • Where do I work? Kenya and USA
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Volunteer to help at upcoming markets and events. 2. Sign up for our “Builder and Shaker” Club ($50 or $100/month) and actively follow us on FB (private community), Instagram, e-newsletter. Email me for more information. 3. Purchase our products online or in Denver at Unlisted and The Blue Chair.
  • PowerFULL impacts of this endeavor: We are a community of dreamers and shakers passionately pursuing a holistic approach to women’s empowerment. We aren’t afraid to ask “Why not?” We want ALL WOMEN and their FAMILIES to be equipped to be strong and courageous. We share resources for families to serve and grow together. We share stories of hope and inspiration from both the States and Kenya, and we also share honestly about the tough stuff and how we get through it TOGETHER.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Love. Community. Dignity. Joy.


Nate Ishe LappegaardThe Kite + Dart Group

  • Mission: We empower entrepreneurs in using business to change the world.
  • Where do I work? USA
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Come to a free workshop. 2. Schedule a free 30 minute coaching session. 3. Email me and let’s have coffee!
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor. Our community is inspiring, our beliefs about business are relevant and powerful, and we are committed to doing everything we can to transform the planet!
  • 3 words that fuel my life. Community. Integrity. Contribution.

Raju SundasLighthouse Foundation Nepal

  • Mission: The Lighthouse Foundation endeavors to be a beacon of light to the community. We are committed to building projects, water mills, and providing food in impoverished parts of Nepal, emergency housing/food for earthquake victims, and protection and prevention of children at risk of human trafficking. The Lighthouse Foundation is the largest organization in Nepal that focuses on human trafficking prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation.
  • Where do we work? Nepal
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Pray for us. 2. Sponsor a child. Consider gathering a book club, a group of colleagues, your family to sponsor a child together. $60/month for 1 year covers everything for 1 child (food, education, lodging). You can send a check or pay by credit card each month or 1 contribution of $720. Your sponsorship is a tax-deductible donation. On our fiscal partner’s donation page, please type “Light House” into the project box. I will be in touch with you with the sponsor information. You may also email me for more information. 3. Join our mailing list – the sign up box is in the bottom right portion of our homepage.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: Find purpose, become directly involved, and find deep fulfillment.
  • Words that fuel my life: Love for Badi people.

Rochelle Raimão | Global Exposure Films

  • Mission: To challenge existing culture through film.
  • Where do I work? USA
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: Harmony of mission, harmony of vision, and complementing skill sets.
  • Words that fuel my life: My audience of ONE.
  • Learn about The Scarlet Cord art installation, created to raise awareness about human trafficking in the United States.


Selah DavenportFree The Girls

  • Mission: We exist to empower women exploited through sex trafficking to reintegrate into their communities.
  • Where do we work? Africa and Latin America
  • 3 calls to action: Bras and Bucks! We offer a tangible way to make an impact through collecting gently used and new bras AND bucks to help us ship them to our locations abroad and run our programs.
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: Ease, True Impact and Results. Bras are in abundance for those in the Global North -> Your bra donations go directly into the hands of a woman so she may lift herself out of poverty -> The impact is being seen!
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Hope. Empowerment. Love.
  • 1 video below and 2 more Free the Girls here beautyFULLY crafted by CNN: Mozambique or bust and An unusual weapon against modern slavery.


Susannah Campora | REV Tribe

  • Mission: To ignite, connect, and expand aspiring and new changemakers and creators through enlivening, authentic conversations, and collaborative mentorship community.
  • Where do I work? Starting locally in Denver, expanding globally. We do have a Facebook group community and a virtual offering.
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Come to an in-person or virtual gathering! 2. Join the developing global hub for REV Tribe. 3. Apply to be a contributor-mentor in the community, there are several opportunities!
  • 3 powerFULL impacts of this endeavor: 1. I’m an avid connector! I love sharing resources, introductions to people, and finding opportunities for you and what matters to you! 2. I am creating a project to bring my groupwork that authentically connects, cultivates community, and creates collaboration to the culture of high schools. 3. I believe REV Tribe is the vehicle for fulfilling needs we have as a society, guiding new generations of leaders to their life purpose faster and effectively, as well as teaching all people how to thrive and work together. Community and conversations are vital for us all.
  • Words that fuel my life: Being and Creating the New World!

Taryn SchroederThreads Worldwide

  • Mission: Threads creates life-changing work for women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewelry.
  • Where do we work? Central and South America, Asia, Africa
  • 3 calls to action: 1. Gather your friends and host a Threads Artisan Showcase. 2. Become a Fair Trade Partner and connect our Artisan Partners with a global marketplace (and earn money while you make a difference!). 3. Support our Artisan Partners by shopping with heart.
  • 3 words that fuel my life: Sisterhood. Courage. Possibility.

In case you missed ’em.

[Recordings of our Changemaker video calls]

Changemaker | Human Trafficking | 9.20.17

Here are the minutes/timing at which each Changemaker Storyteller speaks:

  • Raju Sundas/Lighthouse Foundation Nepal – 9:00 + 48:00
  • Håkan Gabrielsson/Out of Ashes – 17:50
  • Cory Carlson/Aruna Project – 22:22 + 49:35
  • Lori Heisler/Greater Good Institute – 28:15 + 50:43
  • Jessica Munoz/Ho’Ola Na Pua – 33:05 + 52:10
  • Lisa Sharpe/Stylish Sparrow – 40:35 + 53:17
  • Nate Lappegaard/Kite + Dart – 55:40

This below video takes some courage and humility to post. It was my first Zoom call to coordinate and facilitate – a mighty learning, to be sure. Amidst the sound issues (on my end), I so want you to hear from our storytellers – so, hear ya go. Cheers to keepin’ it real, y’all!

Changemaker | Human Trafficking | 9.22.17

Here are the minutes/timing at which each Changemaker Storyteller speaks:

  • Raju Sundas/Lighthouse Foundation Nepal  – 10:26 + 42:40
  • Hannah Badi/Lighthouse Foundation Nepal – 14:30
  • Selah Davenport/Free the Girls – 19:08 + 40:20
  • Alexis Newton – 31:15
  • Jacquie Fedo/Coaching 410 – 47:55


Songs to enCOURAGE and fuel.


2 poems to inspire.

You are loved.
If your heart’s in a thousand pieces,
if you’re lost and you’re far from reason,
just look up: know you are loved.
When it feels like something’s missing,
if it hurts and you can’t find healing,
just look up and know you are loved.
See the sun is shining.
There’s hope on a new horizon, calling you, it’s calling.
You are loved.

J Sojka-J Zegan-C Cleveland-K Williams


It is difficult to see it from here,
I know,
but trust me when I say
this blessing is inscribed
on the horizon.
Is written on that far point
you can hardly see.
Is etched into a landscape
whose contours you cannot know.
From here.
all you know
is that it calls you,
draws you,
pulls you toward
what you have perceived
only in pieces,
in fragments that came to you
in dreaming
or in prayer.
I cannot account for how,
as you draw near,
the blessing embedded in the horizon
begins to blossom
upon the soles of your feet,
shimmers in your two hands.
It is one of the mysteries
of the road,
how the blessing
you have traveled toward,
waited for,
ached for
suddenly appears,
as if it had been with you
all this time,
as if it simply
needed to know how far you were willing
to walk
to find the lines that were traced upon you
before the day
you were born.

-Jan Richardson




I invite you to pause one more time before signing off for now. Rewind, as if these words were a movie…What captured your attention the most? What drew you in? What woke you up?

  • What are 3 words of inspired action that express what you commit to today, calling to you right here, right now? It may be around caring for your own self, for someone close to you, for someone far away.
  • Would you post your 3 words below, in the comments tab or email me? Would LOVE and be ever-so-honored to hear from you.

Here are a few examples of 3 Words of inspired action…



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