In the face of epic injustices like trafficking and slavery about which we’ve been sharing, do you ever and feel limited in your capacity to engage because of these questions:

  • What about problems and struggles in our own country?  We have plenty to focus on here.
  • I don’t have bandwidth for anything more than what is already happening in my world…which is, alone, overwhelming.
  • The stories scare me, make me feel vulnerable, it’s too much.  There are times in which I feel guilty that I can’t take it in.
  • I have no idea what matters to me…I wonder what is my purpose?

If so, you have lots of company.
I talk to folks days day after day about these very quandaries,
and I feel them, too.

Yet, as I zoom out and gaze at my life’s story with a macro-lens,

I see many times in which the stories and real-life struggles of my sisters and brothers around the world have been both gift and grace – in a way, they help to illuminate my own challenges with new light.

It’s not that I am seeking to minimize my struggles, but something powerFULL often happens in me when I see, consider and deeply connect with the these friends around the world whose lives are not easy.  There have been times in which taking in these realities have helped me to let go of petty, small-minded and lopsided pursuits and say YES to what I know is my purpose.  And other times, my own life’s hurdles have needed to be honored in such a way that I couldn’t take in these stories.  Often, it’s taken moments of quiet, reflection and listening to discern my next steps.

Where does this season find you?
Are you feeling beckoned to explore, learn, act?
To simplify, rest, let go, do less?
To restructure some rhythms of your life to make space for more of what matters to you?

Does this story about PURPOSE resonate, in which Krista Guenin shares her journey of creatively integrating and weaving together her love of photography and people, resulting in her transformative work as a “humanitarian photographer”?


Purpose |

I’ve discovered…what stirs my heart and makes me come to life.  I want to keep the main thing the main thing.  I want to focus on our WHY and make more decisions in light of our purpose instead of reacting to the needs of the moment. -Krista

I wonder, what might be woven into the fabric of our lives
in the midst of our current vocations/careers that, like our sistah Krista,
will stir our hearts and make us come to life?

We talked about some of these very things at an event hosted by the remarkable Lisa Sharpe of Stylish Sparrow {FB page here} earlier this month.  What a night!  We screened the extraordinary film, Untouchable:  Children of God, enjoyed chai gelato {made just for us, with love, by Eis Gelato} and enJOYed a bit of each other’s stories and reflections after the film.

Gallery of our gathering | photography by Amy K. Wright

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May we share a few take-aways from the night’s gathering?

  • Here is a letter + poem we shared with the kula {community} that night, full-to-the-brim of richness and hope and an invitation to pause…and just be.
  • This resource list was created in response to your {and our own :} queries and quandaries of “what to do now?”

Dear ones, the troubles in our world {and in our own lives} are often deeply overwhelming.  The path can be complex, arduous, scary … and, yet, together, we often are able to catch some flickers of hope, possibility, grace, joy and love that enCOURAGE us to be and do our things in the world.  Let’s do this, togetha.

The Greek verb that indicates this compassion is σπλαγχνίζομαι, which derives from the word that indicates internal organs or the mother’s womb…it is a visceral love…This kind of compassion is needed today.  -Pope Francis


Pure JOY with Krista Guenin {top/center} |

Y’all, we invite you to email us, comment via this post or post on instagram and facebook. We want to hear – and, with your permission, share – your story in whatever ways you like to express yourself: with 2-3 words, a poem, a voice memo/recording, in song, with a photograph.  xo, friends.